Monday, October 8, 2012

Marathon & Moving Forward

Thank you all so much for the support in my last post. Much to my surprise, I ended up getting my period on Saturday. It is the first since Memorial Day. I called the doctor to schedule my two tests and was very disappointed when I didn't get a call back. I wasnt sure if the blood needed to be drawn on day 3, which is today. 

Yesterday was the Chicago Marathon and Tom ran it for the 3rd time. It got cold here, really cold. The forecast said low 50's and its always colder downtown. I got everything ready Saturday night and our alarms went off at 5:30am. We all felt like Gavin and did not want to get up. 

We used my brothers key card and parked at his building downtown. It was indoors and warm and a total lifesaver! Tom was off to the start and we hung around the car for a bit.

We bundled up and walked about 2 blocks to the 3 mile mark. We saw the first runners zoom by and waited patiently for Daddy. He was in corral L and it took a while. I wore Gavin all morning and he caught a little nap. Trevor people watched from the stroller.

After we saw Daddy, we made a potty break and headed back to the car. Speaking of potty breaks, day 1 of my period was normal. Yesterday, was insane. I had to keep finding bathrooms and waiting in line because I was bleeding so heavily. 

Anyway, I fed Gavin breakfast in the stroller and then we camped out in our trunk for a bit. I put a blanket and some toys down. Trev ate a snack and watched Rio. It worked perfectly!

A while later, we bundled up again and went right in front of the building to the 12ish mile marker. We brought Tom a banana and bar. His knees were already giving him trouble, so he let me know he would be slowing down soon.

I had thought about hopping on the eL and seeing him around mile 23. It was too cold and would have been a lot of work with the boys. A lot of places just arent stroller friendly. Instead, we did a little sight seeing. We went to the bean and walked through Millennium park after having lunch at Subway.

At this point, I was wiped. Gavin fell asleep in the Ergo and Trevor fell asleep in the stroller. I sat in the 40 degree weather for about 2 hours, waiting for Tom to finish. It was brutal. My phone was losing battery quickly since I was getting so many texts and I had the camera open most of the day. It ended up dying before Tom finished and I had to borrow a strangers phone to call and find him. We walked back to the car and were so happy to be on the way home.

He finished at 5:31. He was just glad to finish. He is hanging up his marathon hat for a while. He says he is like the Bulls..a 3-peat will take a few years off. :) His knees just cant handle it.

I love that my boys have such an amazing Daddy to look up to!!

So, today, I called the clinic first thing in the morning. I am all set to have my TSH blood draw and my HSG done next Monday!! Then, I am free to move forward as soon as I'm done nursing and get another period. I am SO excited. I just need to keep Gavin nursing until we get back from Florida and then if the kid wants to stop, I will stop forcing him. I am hoping to cycle in December. EEK!

I did find it funny that I got my period about 2 weeks before Florida/Toms super long vacation. If we have ever had a chance to get pregnant on our own, this is it. So, we will try like hell. 


Stace said...

Oh I am crossing my fingers for you to get a miracle on your own. It is absolutely amazing -- especially when you find yourself pregnant and realize you haven't had your blood drawn in forever. Amazing.

Either way, as always you have a plan. :)

Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

My hubby ran the Chi marathon too, his first. Way to go to them!!

Fiona aka DRMama said...

Great job by your husband!!! :) That break in the trunk of the car looks so cozy. Burr, getting cold up there already. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and getting your own miracle baby and then again for your cycle in Dec!! Exciting! :)

Amber said...

Congrats to Tom! I was thinking about all the runners ... it was freezing!

That would be awesome if you get you got pregnant in Florida! :-)

Isaac Dakota said...

I totally understand about the knees. I've run a few marathons and in my last one in Victoria my knees were killing me by mile 7. It made for a slow run bit the finish is what matters. :)

Ashley said...

I am glad you were able to get things set up, but it would be AWESOME if you would happen to get pregnant during your vacay:) Don't forget to take some always seems like women get pregnant when they have