Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello, October

We are greeting October with open arms and pumpkin butts!

I am so, so excited October is here. It will, without a doubt, be one of the best months of our year. The changing leaves, fall festivals, Halloween activities...there is so much fun ahead. This past weekend, we continued our yearly tradition and and took the kids to the pumpkin farm. 

It was the best day and a perfect way to kick off the season!

This month, we have family pictures at the Arboretum, Tom will run his 3rd marathon, there is a local fall fest we plan to try out. We are hoping to get to one more pumpkin farm and the Scarecrow fest. Starting October 11th at 3pm, Tom is off work for 16 days. 16! It is the longest stretch of time we will have ever had together and we are pumped. 

We leave for Florida on October 18th. It is our one big family trip this year and I have been obsessing over making it perfect for months. I cant wait to be back on Main Street, walking up to Cinderellas castle with my  three guys!  

When we return, we will do boo at the zoo and be able to trick or treat at home. I am driving myself nuts trying to choose Halloween costumes for the boys. I want Trevor to like it, but I am not willing to let him be something scary or a superhero. He is only 2, I am just not ready.

Were going to join the YMCA this week. They have a no joiner fee promo going and we need to take advantage. I have really been enjoying running and want to keep up with it. Soon, it will be too cold to run outside. Plus, I could put the boys in the play area on nights Tom works late. I am signed up for two 5K's in November and want to be ready.    

Ive been planning Trevors birthday weekend, too. I want to have most of it done before we leave. I have invites stamped and addressed, waiting to be sent. I ordered his birthday shirt and the cake. The party will be on Saturday at 11am and afterward, we will head to the cottage for the night and then on to the Dells to a waterpark hotel for his real birthday overnight. I cant believe we are coming up on age 3!

Happy October 1st, everyone!


Jessica said...

That little pumpkin butt is the CUTEST!

Fiona aka DRMama said...

Oh my goodness, these photos in the pumpkin patches are so adorable!! I am so jealous of that fall weather and all the October fun. Still feels like mid-summer around here and not a pumpkin in sight!! :(

Lindsay Pav said...

I'm tired just reading that post, ya'll will be busy! Sounds fun though. I need to look up our pumpkin patches, so thanks for the reminder :)

Kelly said...

Super cute pictures Erin! I LOVE his little pumpkin butt! Our 'babies' are getting so big!

Bryan and Leslie Clark said...

Your life always sounds so, so fun! You guys look great with 5 kids by the way! I know that's your goal. :) Did you go to Kuipers? We haven't been to the pumpkin part but I read online they had a corn pit. We went to Sonny Acres on Sunday. Super fun too! Good luck to Tom on his marathon. My husband isn't running this year and I have to say, it's been nice to have him all weekend instead of giving up some time for training runs. I'm looking forward to all the pictures!

Ashley said...

I love the little pumpkin butt:) Fall is always a fun season...looks like you are going to enjoy it to your fullest! And, this sounds funny but I have followed your blog for a while now and when I seen you posted about our "baby journey" I got excited! Lol. I am glad you are following and I am in hopes of having an IVF miracle too:) You have always inspired me to keep going!

Jamie Pennington said...

You are a planner! Wow! Sounds like a busy but fun October. I do have a blog you can follow me at. I'm from Princeton IL.

Thanks and Praying for you

Carly said...

I love the pumpkin outfits!

Angela Hoefler said...

I'd be interested in knowing where you've stayed while visiting Disney. It seems as though your family has been fortunate to go a few times. We are thinking of taking our 19mth. old this winter and have absolutely no clue of a "good" place to stay. Feel free to email me I'd love to hear from you! Thanks!
Your boys are adorable and I love reading about your family!