Friday, September 7, 2012

T vs. G

I love, love, love comparing Trevor and Gavin. Looks, personality, habits, name it. I love experiencing every new phase with Gavin and remembering back to when it was Trevor at the same age. Let me tell ya, these boys are very different!

Gavin loves his pacifier and has since day 1. Trevor didnt start taking the pacifier until 5 months.

Gavin is a blankie baby. Trevor didnt become attached to his Bear until 18 months old.

Gavin is crawling at 6 months. Trevor was 8 months when he started to crawl.

Trevor was a fabulous sleeper. Slept through the night starting at 6 weeks. Gavin has YET to sleep through the night.

Trevor ate every 3 hours, on the dot, for sooo long. Gavin is a casual eater. He eats quickly and can go many hours between feedings.

Gavin is more of a Mama's boy then Trevor ever was.

Trevor had a beautiful head of hair by now. Gavin is still very bald.

Gavin is a peanut. He weighs around 15 lbs, when Trevor was close to 20.

That being said, Trevor was in 6-12 month clothes and wore a ton of shoes. Gavin does not fit in any shoes yet and rocks 0-3 month clothes, most days. 

Gavin sits up unassisted and has for weeks. I remember working hard to have Trev sit up alone before his 6 month photos.

Gavins eye shape are round as can be, Trevors are a bit oblong. Case and point below..

Because of the size difference, Gavin looks like Trevor did around 2 months old.
Two amazing, goofy grins. I couldnt possibly love them more.

Off topic, but I can not believe I only blogged 4 times in August! I will be making an effort to catch up. Posts to look for:
Day out with Thomas
5/6 month 
Fertility doc appointment
My body after baby

Coming soon..:)


Kate said...

Holy moley, I can't believe how much Gavin looks like Tom in the last picture!

Jessica said...

They're both adorable!!

Kelly said...

I love doing the comparing thing. Blake has been for sure my most easy going baby. Great sleeper too! Great smiles!!

Bryan and Leslie Clark said...

Your boys are so cute! It's fun to compare the boys. Mine are a boy and a girl and there are still so many similarities and differences.

juliane2004 said...

Totally unsolicited advice but have you tried feeding G more often, like every 3 hrs? Perhaps it will help him STTN.

Your kids are so cute!

Stace said...

It's just been a busy kind of life! Nice to see you "back". :) The kiddos are so cute as always!

Carly said...

It is a amazing how different two boys can be!

Allie said...

Looking forward to reading it ALL!!! Also struggling with infertility. Check out my blog