Monday, September 10, 2012

Plans for #3

Tom and I had our first appointment with Dr. M a few weeks ago. We left the boys with my parents. I would have liked to bring Gavin and introduce him to them, but we wanted to give the doctor our full attention. We signed documents, they took my labs and then we met with him. We talked briefly about Gavin and his pregnancy and birth. We talked about his new IVF lab being built. Here is all the info we left with:

*We have 6 embryos from Gavins IVF cycle. They are all fantastic grades and frozen individually.

*I need to have two tests done before we can cycle. Both can be done while nursing.

*I have to be 100% done nursing before I start any medications. There isnt enough research on whether the hormones could affect a nursing child. We dont want to take any risks, especially because Gavin is a boy!

*One major change is with the thaw process. They now put the thawed embryos in water before transfer. If they expand, they are more likely to attach. If one or both of the embryos do not expand, they will transfer 3.  He said they have had great success with this and have not experienced any triplet pregnancies.

Thats all. I am supposed to contact the office when we are ready to move forward.

I am more than ready now. But, I am not ready to be done breastfeeding. I will likely do the testing when Gavin is 9 or 10 months and stop nursing him at 11. I will feed him pumped milk until he is 1 and switch him to milk, just like we did with Trevor.

One little problem with that is that I havent had another period since Memorial Day. I bled back to back after Gavin was born and now there has been a big break. With Gavin still nursing at night, I dont know when Ill get it again. Most women wish there period would stay away and I really need one!

I cant wait to be pregnant again! I want it as bad as I did the firsts 2 times. :)


Chelley N said...

It sounds like you had a good meeting!

We're meeting with our fertility doc this Thursday to talk about #3. Brenson will be completely weaned after this week, and even though it's earlier than I wanted, I want to cycle and knew I had to (I'm 31, so I feel a lot of pressure to get on this QUICKLY!). I told one of my friends that we are ready for #3, and she pretty much thinks we're crazy. She never had any fertility probs, though, so I just think she doesn't really get it.

beth ewing said...

sounds like a perfect plan...Gavin gets his breast milk for a year and you get a baby when he is about 2!

Carly said...

exciting plans!! I agree with above, I think it's a good plan to keep him on breast milk till a year old, and then start from there. That means that number 3 will be a good age gap with Gavin, just like Gavin is with Trevor.

Dana said...

Hey Erin! I have been following your blog since before Trevor. We have an IVF miracle son and are doing our second IVF for another blessing. Right now I am on Lupron and will start STIM meds at the end of this week. I have really had alot of depression and was wondering if you experienced any of this during your IVF process? The hormones are crazy for me right now!! I am writing all about it on my blog:

Fiona aka DRMama said...

So excited for you. Wishing you ll the very best!! I can't wait to be pregnant again too. I loved it so much and definitely already have baby fever even though Alidia is still just shy of 8 months.

Allie said...

At least now you have a timeline. I think all the waiting is what is so hard on me emotionally and knowing that it's already an uphill battle even before it begins. All that added with the hormones and how those affect moods and emotions. It's a ride!!!

Amber said...

Just checking in :) Wow! Number 3! God bless you and your sweet family! Best of luck :)

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Six embryos is awesome! Good luck with baby #3!!!

Lguyer said...

Don't discount a surprise "natural" pregnancy! I have two step son's, my 14 month old twins that were the result of ivf and we just found out we're spontaneously pregnant on our surprise!