Thursday, September 13, 2012

He Crawls

Gavin is mobile. 100%, crawl after me when I walk away, uh-oh, were in trouble, mobile!


He has been up on all four's and rocking since he was 4 months old. Some time in the 5th month, he noticed his hands were there. Every now and then, he would move his hands forward and throw his body after it. In the past few days, he has figured it all out and is a crawler. His favorite things to crawl to? Me, Trevors sippy cups, waterbottles and a giant stick we use as a security bar in our back door. :)

I am pretty sure he will be running before he is 1.  He is already pulling up on things, too. He is crawling a full 2 months before Trevor did. Trevor slimmed down so much when he became mobile. If Gavin slims down much more, there wont be anything left of him!

I was hoping for a peanut years ago and I sure did get one!


Fiona aka DRMama said...

Oh wow, way to go Gavin!! :) Such a cute crawl he has going on!

Carly said...

haha look at him go! So cute hearing him babbling away too - don't you just wonder what he's saying to you guys!

Justin and Marcie said...

How stinking adorable!!! Gavin is doing what my son does...sometimes instead of crawling on hands and knees, he'll crawl on hands and feet...kind of walking like a dog. So funny to me!!

Bryan and Leslie Clark said...

That's impressive! Life is about to get even more interesting. You had an early talker with Trevor and an early crawler with Gavin. You must be doing something right. :)

Marianne said...

Oh man he is crawling better than my 9 month old!!!!

Kelly said...

Way to go buddy! Keep on crusin!