Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Water Babies

I feel like a broken record, but it has been HOT here. Last week, after many 100+ degree days, we went by my MIL's house to swim. The pool was like bath water, so we put Gavin in for the first time. He really loves the bath at home and this giant one was no different.

Trevor was able to use his Puddle Jumpers for the first time in a real pool. He used them at the waterpark and always in the lake, but never where it been too deep to walk. We were blown away by his ability to swim! He was a wild man, jumping in, going under and popping up to swim around. I am so happy he is that comfortable in the water. I am thankful we put him in swim classes since he was an infant. I plan to put both boys in class together this fall. 

Oh, I adore my blue eyed fishies!


Jill said...

Very cute! Love that swim assistant that Trevor is wearing! I need one of those!