Monday, July 30, 2012

Twenty Things

10 Things I am loving about Trevor right now..

1. His fierce love for his baby brother. He adores him every minute of every day. He is always trying to make him smile and giggle. He kisses Gavin like crazy and has more than earned the best big brother title.

2. He is both Daddys little buddy and Mamas boy. He has been really into playing with Daddy lately, but, if he is tired or hurt, only I can make it better.

3. His morning snuggles. Such a great way to start our day.

4. His love of music. He is such a great singer and I love that little voice.

5. I love that his skin is looking better. Its likely just the antibiotic he was prescribed, but any relief he gets is appreciated.

6. His loud, infectious laugh. Its the best.

7. He has been working on "big boy" tasks lately. Drinking out of a regular cup, getting dressed and undressed, etc. 

8. If you ask him Gavins name, he will say Gavin Thomas Michael Robertson. Apparently, everyone has Michael as their middle name, like Trevor does.

9. His love of books. He will gladly sit and listen to stories and he really absorbs them.

10. His laid back attitude. Each day is different in our house and he goes with the flow.

*Photos are from the firetruck night in town last week. We borrowed Tyler and Rylan for the night.*

10 Things I am loving about Gavin right now..

1. His laugh! He is always very giggly in the evening hours.

2. Those big, round eyes. So expressive and so beautiful.

3. I love nursing him. I'm thankful my body can provide for him long after giving birth.

4. His reaction when he sees Tom. Little man loves his Daddy!

5. He is always folding his body in half and playing with his piggies!

6. His voice! He is quite the chatterbox and I love listening to him talk all day.

7. His favorite spot is on my right hip. He loves to be held and is content sitting there, taking in the world on Mama's side.

8. Every noise he makes. I know his tired cry, love to listen to him eating and love the sweet, deep breaths when he sleeps.

9. Sometimes he sleeps with his butt up in the air. Too cute!

10. I love how much he has brought to our family. He has made us one piece closer to being complete. 

What are you loving about your kids lately?


Kaci said...

I love this! I may have to steal the idea and do it on my blog! Adorable! said...

Love reading about your beautiful baby boys! I have 2 sweet ivf miracles that has blessed my family:)

Chelley N said...

This is a great idea! You have seriously beautiful babies :-)

Jessica said...

Baby snuggles really are the best <3