Thursday, July 26, 2012


Country Thunder 2012 was one of the best yet!! 

We arrived at the cottage late on Thursday, following Trevor's dermatologist appointment(more on that later)..

Friday, we woke up and had the laziest day ever. Tom took Trevor down to the beach and they rode the waverunner, fished and swam. I am usually all about the beach, but I decided to stay back, take the longest shower in my life and relax while Gavin took a big nap. It was great.

After Trevors 3 hour nap, we got ready and headed to the fest. This is the first year it was sold out and boy, was it crowded! It took us so long to park and get through the crowd. We finally arrived at our "spot" in the grass and had a fantastic night.

 Luke Bryan

 Chicken on a stick? Delicious!

 Jason Aldean

The boys were good. So, so good! Gavin hung on my hip until he passed out. He slept in the stroller for a bit and then was up again. Trevor danced and ran around and was an angel, considering it was hours past his bed time! 

Saturday, we spent the day at the beach. The hours flew by and after dinner, we were headed back to the concert. Its only about 5 minutes from our cottage; couldn't be more convenient!

We walked around a while before heading to our spot. Got Trevor a hat and Mama a shirt. :)

Its usually terrible weather for CT. This year was great. It didnt rain and it wasnt terribly hot. Blake Shelton performed Saturday and he was fantastic. So many great slow songs.

People at Country Thunder went crazy over the boys. Youd think they had never seen a baby before. We were kinda asking for it with the cowboy hat and boots(and OMG they made them both wear tiny wristbands and I about died!) I just cant get over how amazingly cute and fun they were to have there. It goes to goes on after kids. ;)

We planned to go back to the fest on Sunday for Toby Keith, but we were so tired. We went on the boat with friends all day and Trevor passed out around 4pm. We had a huge dinner and cake for my brothers girlfriend. We decided to head home and didnt get back until after 9pm. 

We cant wait to go back next year. Hopefully, I wont be able to have a beer in hand..


Melissa said...

Blake Shelton was in Iowa on Friday night and he was great! Sounds like you had a great time!

Stace said...

Every year I am so jealous to read about your Country Thunder weekends. One year I'll make it over there with all the kids. :)