Friday, July 6, 2012

Road Tripping

YAWN. This has been a hectic week full of late nights and extreme heat and no time to sit down and relax. I have a bunch of pictures and stories to share. It is going to be about 115 degrees with the humidity today. We are not going anywhere but our basement today!

I am trying to plan our road trip South next month and was hoping for some input on two things.

1-On our way home, we plan to drive over two days. We will leave ATL early am on Monday and don't have to be home until Tuesday evening. Im thinking we will stop in Louisville or Nashville for the night. We would have time for one activity-likely the zoo at either. Ill book a hotel with a pool for even more fun. Anybody care to share their opinions of either town/zoo? Hotel preferences?

2-I would love any suggestions on how to entertain the kids in the car. My main concern is Gavin. He hates it. Cries most rides. :( Going down shouldn't be too bad because we will drive through the night. Coming home may be a different story. We tried putting him in the rear facing Britax last weekend and it didn't make much of a difference. We will have the DVD players and books..snacks and kids CDs. Any suggestions on how to make the car ride more enjoyable for them would be awesome.

They will sleep some of the time. Right...Right?

Thanks, everyone!! Have a fantastic weekend and stay cool!


Danielle said...

We just made the 12 hr (eek!) trip to MO with Lexi (18 mos) who has hate the carseat since day one! I kid you not. Some things that helped us significantly were: carseat toys, mirror, big girl carseat rear fcing, and the dvd player. On the trip this time we mase sure to stop every 3-4 hrs and that made it so much easier on her! It gave her a break in the car. We also had lots of snacks and movies and toys. Good luck!

Bryan and Leslie Clark said...

Hey Erin,

I found this on Pinterest the other day and thought it had some helpful advice.

Good luck! I'm nervous for our five and eight hour drives coming up.


Kriss said...

Get some small dollar store cookie sheets and some
Magnet letters/shapes/etc. On one side of the cookie sheets paint or draw a race track for little match box car races :)

Colt and Ashley Byrom said...

I know you will not love this idea... But I promise our doctor recommended suckers - with supervision of course! My son was 6 months when we flew and let him have one. I held it and he loved it! Suckers are always in my diaper bag for 'emergency' situations ;)

Kori said...

Nashville zoo is very nice, and it has a wonderful playground, too. Nashville also has a botanical garden, called Cheekwood, that has a fun treehouse exhibit right now that has slides and places to climb.

Brenna Boyd said...

Erin, I had this same fear when we had to drive to TN for Thanksgiving with Ace. It was about a 14 hour drive. We left around nap time and he slept so long! I mean this kid never slept in the car. He cried constantly and I was so scared we were going to be stopping every mile. I know you nurse Gavin but does he take a bottle? This helped us because we would give him a bottle and he would go right to sleep after his bottle in the car. We stopped and had lunch and walked around a store and just got outside and then when we got back in the car I read him some books and he fell asleep after awhile. He didn't care for the DVD player so that was no use. Our saving grace was books. It always calms him down. Hope it goes well!

brandy said...

We moved across country when the girls were 5 and 2. It was a two day (all day) trip. Meal times we stopped to play and then ate our food in the car (so that we weren't sitting down somewhere to eat). I had different bags packed with activity books, leapsters, DVDs and we alternated what we did between stops. So that might help with Trevor.
As for Gavin, we took a 9 hour day trip when Kate was about 6months. When she was unhappy, I sat next to her in the backseat and read books, played with her toys that made noise and she could touch. We had a CD with kid songs and would sing along with the CDs to keep her entertained. It made for a long trip, but there were minimal tears. I stopped to nurse her, but we ate in the car. When it was nap time, I would rejoin my husband in the front.
Don't know if any of that helps. Good luck!

One Ordinary Family said...

Colorforms or magnet playsets are a hit with my kids in the car. ColorWonder coloring stuff too. Have a fun trip. If you want to splurge on a hotel in Louisville, the 21C is supposed to be fun and really nice!

D said...

Nashville is a GREAT city, but the zoo is pretty small. Louisville is quaint, but I didn't even know they had a zoo so not sure that one is much bigger! My parents live in Nashville, and I always have a great time there. Good luck deciding!

Dawn said...

We just drove from Chicago to Myrtle Beach, SC, with a two-year-old and a 3-month-old for a family reunion. It went SO much better than I anticipated, if that makes you feel any better :) We had a Kindle Fire so that our older son could watch SuperWhy and Sesame Street; plus it had interactive books that he can "read" on his own. We also bought a Cars ColorWonder book and markers, which he enjoyed. The biggest savior though, was driving through the night. We left at about 4PM, stopped for dinner/nursing at 7PM and put the kids in their pajamas. Then the kids fell asleep around 8:30/9 and slept til we needed gas at about 3AM. I threw in another nursing session and then the boys slept until 6AM, when we stopped for breakfast. I pumped in the car and fed my younger son some sips from a bottle when stopping would have woken my older son. We had a travel bottle warmer for this. Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck - it is doable!