Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Four Months

Lets not talk about how late this post is..In my defense, I wanted to wait until his appointment to get his proper stats. That happened to be a week ago today..

Gavin is four months and are falling more in love with him every day.

He weighs 12 lb, 9 oz. I was shocked! That is a full 5 pounds less than Trevor at the exact same age. He is a peanut and in about the 15%ile. Even without chunky thighs, he was a rockstar for his shots. He cried about 60 seconds and was over it.

He is average for height at 24-3/4 inches.

I was planning on holding off feeding him until at least 6 months. But, the kid doesnt sleep at night. I figured we would try a night time meal and I am glad we did. The kid is crazy about food. We just feed him some oatmeal between his last two feedings at night and put him to bed in his crib. He will sleep a bit longer and usually wakes around 3am. Then he comes to bed with us.

He loves sleeping dangerously. How, you ask? He is a total belly sleeper. He rolls around like crazy before falling asleep. Often times, he bumps his head on the slats of the crib. Im too afraid to put a bumper on because he could easily suffocate in it! He also likes falling asleep holding a blanket. Yes, he is needy. I let him fall asleep with it and then gently pull it away.

It has continued to be a ridiculously hot summer here. The kid wears onesies or a diaper most days of the week. 

Gavin is crazy about Trevor. He lights up when Trevor talks to him. Trevor is equally in love with G. He baby talks him and is so sweet and kind. Best big brother ever!

Gavin is still pretty bald. The hair on his head is getting longer. It sure isnt getting thicker.

Gavin is a happy boy. He smiles all day long. Laughs are a different story. You really have to work for it. He is so stingy, I have yet to get good giggles on video.

His eyes are a beautiful blue, and getting lighter slowly.

He is getting the bottom left tooth. You can see the little tips. He chews on his hands and sucks on his fingers all day.

We are simply loving life with two sons. It feels so right. This is what our family was meant to be. For now. :)


Jessica said...

Such a cutie!!

Bloggerina said...

They make breathable bumpers that work very well, i used them with my son who had a collapsed lung and then asthma. Love, love, love the crab outfits!

lparsons15 said...

Good lord! You guys make some seriously gorgeous babies!! What a little doll!

Lindsay said...

Presley used to sleep just like that- face down! Totally scared me but, she eventually learned to turn her head! He's super handsome and growing so fast!

Brenna Boyd said...

He is so so cute! Love the face plant picture at the end. So funny.

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

He's so so so cute!