Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The 4th

Did anyone else feel like they celebrated the 4th of July a TON this year? With it falling on a Wednesday, we celebrated the weekend before, on the day and even after for my nieces 4th of July themed birthday party!!

The weekend before, we took off to the cottage. We switched car seats for the trip to test out the big boy car seat and see how Gavin liked it. Unfortunately, it didn't make him much happier. 

We hung around the house Friday night and went to bed early. Saturday, we had some great friends come up for the day. We went to the local parade and it was fantastic! It lasted an hour, they passed out a ton of candy and even freeze pops. 

We spent the rest of the day at the beach and on the boat. Trevor has become so crazy about going to the cottage. He will play in the water, jump off the pier and play in the sand for hours. We have to remind him to come out and eat and drink something. Its a bonus when you have friends there to join in!

We relaxed at home and ate dinner before going back on the boat for the fireworks over the lake. For such a small town, they put on a great show. Gavin stared at them the whole time. 

Our friends left and we crashed. Sunday, we went back to the beach with family and waited until the last minute to leave the fun.

Tom worked late a few nights, so I took the boys to fireworks on the 3rd. This time, Gavin was IN LOVE with the fireworks. He was babbling and giggling as they went off. It was the cutest thing. The whole week was insanely hot, even at 9pm. 

On the 4th, we waited until Daddy got home from work and then went to dinner at my parents. We wanted to go to a local fest right away, but stayed inside until the last minute. We met up with my sisters family and friends and had a blast. Gavin loved the fireworks again. He was so chill, leaning back on me, wearing only his diaper and a fan in his face. Trevor did his first sparkler. We left the fireworks a few minutes early to beat the crowd. We were home in 5 minutes.

Saturday was my sweet nieces 1st birthday party. I had a big part in the planning for it. That deserves a post of its own. :) 


Chelley N said...

I just blogged last night (scheduled post that will post later this week) about how we celebrated the 4th for like a full week this year. Looks like ya'll had a fun time!

Jill said...

Erin - your boys are so adorable! Where is your cottage? I think you said WI - but wasn't sure if it was Lake Geneva? We are up there for much of the summer!