Thursday, July 19, 2012

CT 2012

2 hours until we leave for Country Thunder.

...its like Christmas in July!!

I cant wait to spend the next 3 days eating, drinking, boating, jetskiing, swimming and enjoying time with my family. 

Tomorrow nights performance is Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.

Heres a look back at the past two years at CT. 



If you're headed there, Ill be the Mama wearing a baby, while holding a 2 year old cowboys hand and a beer in the other. :)


Laura said...

Sounds like a blast! I've never been - the Hubs isn't a big fan of country music like his wifey is! :)


Juliann said...

I was Jason Aldean and Luke Bryant in St. Paul in February. I was way more impressed with Luke Bryant. His performance blew Jason out of the water. Have fun!