Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby, you're a Firework!

..when Trevor hears that song, he says, Madagascar, Madagascar!!

My sweet niece, Rylan, turned 1 last Saturday. She had a 4th of July themed party and it was so much fun. I had a big part in planning and helping with the party. My sister has had a lot on her plate lately. I arranged the invitations, cotton candy machine, ordered her bow and outfit, made watermelon into 1's and did red, white and blue skewers! Tom and I are her Godparents, so we got her a Bitty Baby, too.

*A little story behind the bitty baby..when I took Delaney down to the American Girl store a few years back she really wanted a backpack to hold the doll. You could only get the backpack with the purchase of a new baby. She already had one and didnt need that. I decided to buy the whole set and save the baby for my future daughter. Its been sitting in my purple box of girl stuff for a few years and I felt it was time to part with it. Hopefully Ill be heading downtown to buy my own daughter one in a few years.*

Anyway, the party was at a park and it was the perfect location. The kids were able to play at the playground and in the sand volleyball court. Some played volleyball, some just played with the sand toys. She had a friend paint faces. And the cotton candy was a huge hit. It was very hot at the beginning of the party and luckily it started to cool off toward the end.

Poor Rylan had an ear infection. She was happy, but not very smiley.

Gavin, on the other hand, was a total ham.

I love having Rylan and Gavin so close in age. In 8 short months, we will be celebrating another 1st birthday!


Jessica said...

Love her little outfit!

Debbie said...

you look fantastic! If you don't' mind me asking, how on earth did you nurse in that dress in public? I always had such anxiety about what I was wearing when I went out and knew I had to nurse. Not nursing and not pumping was not an option for me. My body knew when when my baby needed to eat, and it produced!

Natalie and Lee said...

Just came across your blog and caught up on your amazing story... Your family is beautiful!Enjoying your blog and going to catch up some more.... :)