Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a very fun weekend planned and most went as expected! Thursday night, our town had police themed cruisin' night. Since we live just 2 blocks away, we decided to let Trevor ride his squad over. We invited a bunch of friends and kids and everyone had a great time. We came back to our house and had smores afterward. It was such a fun evening.

Friday, we took the boys to a Raging Waves, the largest waterpark in IL. It was pretty fun. It was a big challenge keeping Gavin in the shade. Trevors favorite part was the wave pool! They had two kiddie areas with slides and a tree house. Gavin snoozed in the stroller for part of it. Otherwise, Tom and I took turns having fun with T. We were exhausted on the way home. 

We went to a local fest that night for a little bit. Trevors first ride was the motorcycles and he hated them! He  kept saying, "I dont like this!" and crying a bit. He was so relieved when it was over, as we all were! He enjoyed the cars, which were a bit slower. His favorite place was the fun house. They let him go in with our friends older kids. 

Yesterday was Sam and Brians baby shower.I decided to surprise her at the end of the shower and had my girlfriend bring the boys in shirts that said Brooklyns Bodygurads. It was so cute and they were a bit hit. :)

Its hard to believe June is coming to an end already. Summer is always a blur..weve had a blast and cant wait to see what July has in store. 


Jessica said...

i can't believe the end of June is already here!

Amber said...

You are so right...July 4th is next week - when did that happen?!

twondra said...

Sounds and looks like so much fun!!!