Monday, June 11, 2012

Three Months

...and 9 days old. Whoops!! 

Gavin turned 3 months old on the 2nd. Just like that, a fourth of a year is gone. I am LOVING this age. Its amazing how much you forget between children. I'm glad to be back in this place with my baby G.

Gavin is has many nickname. G, Gavey-goo, Goo, Squeaks, Peanut, Monkey..

Gavin went for his 2 month checkup at about 2.5 months. He was 11 lb, 6 oz. Still my tiny, tiny.

He took a shower with me for the first time and loved it! I was sure he was too young, but he needed a quick rinse after being at the beach. Sure enough, he was all smiles as the water beat on his back.

He went on the beach and boat for this first time this summer. Let me tell ya, he was made for it. We have this awesome dome that keeps him comfortable. He played and napped in it. It keeps him in the shade and has a zip for bugs. 

Gavin has started watching Baby Einstein movies and loves them. He stares and smiles at them. I loved them when Trevor was little and he learned a ton from them!

Gavin eyes remain dark blue. And he is SO bald. I mean, he has hair. But its not long and if I look at him, I think, bald baby!

He is still crazy about his bouncer. He is in it a lot during the day. We pretty much use the swing for watching his show and naps.

He found his feet and loves holding them and playing with them. He hasn't eaten them just yet!

Gavin is breastfeeding exclusively. He generally eats every 3 hours. He eats, plays, sleeps. So, he usually wakes up unhappy and wants to eat right away! We wont be starting him on baby food until 6ish months.

We finally got giggles out of him at almost 3 months. He is stingy! You have to really work, but its totally worth it. 

He is a total blankie baby. He snuggles his frog blanket and chews on his arm. If he is upset and overtired, we give him a blanket and it calms him. Of course, I watch him drift off and take it away.

He is always eating his hands. Or your hand. Or my shoulder. Anything goes. He drools some, too. I'm wondering if he will get teeth much earlier than big bro.

He is sleeping in the rock and play by my bedside at night. He always ends up in bed with us, though.

Sleeping has been rough lately. He gave up that longer stretch first thing and has been waking up at least twice. Ive been feeling it too. I really would love some sleep. :)

I wear him all the time. His favorite spot is on your chest, so my ergo and moby make him very happy.

He has fantastic head control and doesn't mind tummy time.

Gavin is so social. He loves to talk. He wants to see you at all times. When we are out, he locks eyes with people and they always comment on his big, round eyes. 

He made his 3 month pics difficult. I would set him down and he would roll over so quickly! He can now officially roll from belly to back and back to belly. He has some strong tummy muscles and hikes his legs up so high!

"Here, Ma. Ill let you capture how I roll."

I LOVE comparing them. Gavin is clearly WAY smaller. They have the same exact nose and lips. I see some differences though. 
We are simply crazy about this baby boy. He has brought a new level of happiness to our home.


Jessica said...

Love this post! Gavin is such a sweetie.

Mrs.Joe said...

I see a lot of similarities in your boys. He is too cute - makes me want another one right now!!

Stace said...

Oh Erin I love him. Both boys are adorable. I hope we can get all our kiddos together someday. :)

(And this is the 3rd time entering this SAME comment because I can't read the word verification right!)

Amber said...

I love that dome "thing"! Looks like a great invention!

Gavin is such a doll!

Debbie said...

We had that "baby taco" too! And, we used it at the beach. It was perfect!

Bren said...

Gavin is so so cute! He definitely has some beautiful big eyes. I think that is where the boys look different. Trevors are not quite as round but equally as beautiful.

Meagan said...

Oh my goodness! The comparison picture is amazing!

brandy said...

Gavin is amazingly as beautiful as Trevor! What is the dome thing called? We are looking for something and I haven't found "the perfect" dome! I love that one!

Chelley N said...

Love those comparison photos! They are both beyond adorable!