Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mikeys Birthday

We had the most wonderful weekend at our cottage. My oldest nephew turned 13 on Sunday-THIRTEEN! I was 12 when I became his aunt and now here he is, a teenager. The whole family kept the weekend open so we could celebrate. It was bliss. 

It was 90 degrees, no humidity. Perfect boating weather. Trevor was on the beach playing every second we allowed. 

Gavin is such a chill baby. He seems to enjoy days of relaxation, just like his Daddy.

Tom and Trevor went on a date before we left on Friday. They headed out for buzz cuts and went to see Madagascar 3. They wanted to be bald so Gavin wasnt so sensitive about his lack of hair. ;)

We took Trevor on the waverunner for the first time. As soon as Tom started to push us out, he started singing Row, Row, Row your boat..

We had ribs for dinner on Saturday-Mikeys pick. I picked him up a cookie cake as he requested. 

Those dimples kill me, on BOTH of them.

We all hung at the beach again on Sunday. We really tried to make plans to do something other than our usual, but the weather was too perfect to be anywhere but there. 

Tom and I love the setup at the cottage. We wake up, go to the beach with the boys, nap them at the same time while my Mom hangs at the house and that allows us some time to really relax and allows me some time in the sun. Its hard keeping a 3 month old in the shade 24/7!

On top of that, we almost always end up going out. There are some bars within walking distance(that we typically drive the golf cart to) that we stop in for a few drinks. We put the kids to bed and enjoy some adult time. It is always needed and appreciated!

Trevor is in love with the cottage too. He is always sad to leave and it and requests to go often. We will head back up the last weekend in June. Hopefully the weather will be fantastic again!


Jessica said...

Love that Gavin just hangs out, so cute. ALso, now I want a giant cookie cake.

Triple Threat said...

Still think G looks like you. How relaxing that must be to have a cabin like that to go and vacation at. Awesome! How's Evan doing???

Kelly said...

Adorable pictures! Your boys are adorable!!