Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Doctor Called

I called my fertility clinic this morning.

I don't know why, but I have had this pull the past few days to get moving on getting pregnant again.

Remember how I had a period so early after having Gavin, while exclusively breastfeeding. Well, it wasn't a fluke. I had another one two weeks later. And bled again about 2 weeks after that. I fear there is an issue and it may delay us trying again.

I called to see if I need a new referral to go back there. As expected, I do. Also, I wanted to see when the new clinic will be open so I know how soon my embryos will be moved. She said not for about a year, so I will more than likely need to travel downtown this round too.

So, I will call my gyno and set up an appointment to ask about the bleeding and get a referral. Then, I will make a consult appointment with Dr. M..likely for end of July/beginning of August.

I want to see if he will allow me to do any treatments while still nursing. It seems silly to take steps backward when we have embryos waiting. Yet, I feel like if hes open to me trying clomid or injectables before I get to the point of starting a FET..we might as well try. If he said absolutely not, talk to me when you're done breastfeeding, that is fine. Then, we will have to talk about when I plan to wean Gavin and what testing will need to be done before I can cycle.

Tom and I are ready. We were ready quickly after Trevor, but it was a different feeling. I think its watching Trevor and Gavin interact..that love is so much more than just two parents loving a child.

We saw the What to expect movie with some friends on Friday night. We sat girls together and guys. There was a miscarriage part in the movie that caught me off guard. I wanted to hold Toms hand and he was down 4 seats. When the movie ended, after big scenes of babies being born and those first moments..I walked over to him with puppy dog eyes, gave him a smile and he said, "Lets go home and make one." In reality, that meant, lets go home and call the doctor and get on the calendar. ;)

Here we go again. Small steps forward. PLEASE let it be easy this time. PLEASE!


Stace said...

Oh I hope it's easy!! I know the feeling all too well. I'm so ready to start again, but I am NOT ready to go through a full IVF again. If it happens by itself (PLEASE, PLEASE???) then I will be thrilled. If not we're looking at IVF in December. :)

Lindsay said...

I think you deserve an easy conception this time :) Praying that you get the news that you are hoping for from the doctor!

Kahla said...

That scene got me too. I'm praying for an easy time and another baby in your belly soon. We are ready for another, but we have two totsicles and then that's it. Terrifies me. If only TX was a mandated state, this out of pocket for five fresh cycles has done us in.

Mush said...

Wow how exciting! Imagine if you have triplets! Wicked! Thinking of you at the start of another hard but amazing journey. xxx

Bren said...

That miscarriage seen took me off guard too. My husband was next to me and knew it pulled at me. Glad you guys are taking steps forward!!

Kami said...

Holy cow!!!! So jealous but so excited you're going again! You go girl! I want another so bad but Steve is done. :( Good luck!