Friday, May 4, 2012

Two Months

Gavin turned 2 months old on the 2nd!! {I just realized his golden birthday will be on his 2nd. We will have to make that a special one!}

He is wearing size 1 diapers.

His eyelashes are so long they are starting to curl!

He is so happy all day. He coo's, squeaks and smiles constantly.

Gavin weighs about 11.5 lbs, according to our home scale. That is a full 2.5 lbs less than Trevor was! Ill get his official stats at his appointment next week.

His eyes are so big and round..and a very dark blue.

Gavin nurses every 3-4 hours during the day. He pretty much baby-wised himself and eats, plays and sleeps.

His naps can range from 45 minutes-2 hours. He sleeps a lot in the morning hours.

Gavin goes down for the night about 8pm and sleeps until 7 am, minus one quick feeding.

Gavin is in love with his pacifier. He often sounds like Maggie Simpson, sucking away.

His rash is completely gone. The best medicine was just time.

He loves the bath! He enjoys the warm water and doesnt make a peep the whole time.

Gavin is still fitting in newborn clothes! I started to make a pile of a few things too small. I cant wait to have him in shorts and onesies all summer so I can touch his thighs all day.
He has become the most joyful baby. He loves his swing, bouncer, playmat, mobile in his crib. As long as he is fed, burped and dry, he will sit happily with one of those for quite a while.

His baptism? He screamed the whole time. He was overtired, poor guy!

As stated previously, Gavin thinks Daddys chest is a tempurpedic mattress. He loves laying there and being patted.

He does like to be rocked, too.

I prefer to wear him when we are out and about and he loves it.

He met his new cousin, Connor. They are 17 days apart.

He rolled over, but it hasnt happened again.

He still enjoys his hands and has been gnawing on his left first a ton. Another lefty?

He has started to return the love to big brother. He studies Trevor and smiles at him when he sees him.

Gavin likes tummy time, most days. He is great at keeping his head up.

In fact, he is very strong. He can stand on his legs with little support.

His hair is growing back quickly. He still has a ton in the back compared to up top.

Gavin is starting to plump up. His chicken legs are getting some meat on them!

One of his favorite places is the changing table. He smiles and stares at the kitchen light.

He loves watching ceiling fans, just like Trev.

He likes to be wrapped, but you must keep his arms free.

We cant get enough of his snuggles, thats for sure.

He is getting close to giggling..I know its coming soon.

He sleeps in his rock and play and often ends up in bed with us.

He is a Mama's boy, he always finds my voice and stares.

We have enjoyed every second of the last 2 months with you, GT!


Lindsay said...

I loved this post!!! So glad your are enjoying your beautiful sons! I love all of the pictures...I need to get better about posting and blogging :)

Danielle said...

Oh wow! They are identical! I though that was just two pics of Gavin until i read the caption!

beth ewing said...

funny i was thinking they look so different. i mean like brothers but so different.

gavin is a cutie and i'm jealous of the easy baby. that was my #2 but this girl is killing me. she is BY FAR our hardest baby. however her brothers have turned out to be hard toddlers and kids so i'm hoping this means she'll be our easy kid. hehe!

Bren said...

Beth, I also thought they looked so different lol. I think Gavin looks identical to your husband, Erin! Both boys are very cute.