Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two and a Half

(Lets just go ahead and pretend this was posted on Friday, as had planned..)

Trevor Michael, you are 2 and a HALF years old today. The past six months have been huge for you developmentally. You have gone from a baby to a boy very quickly!

You have been 100% potty trained for months. You were very easy to train..potty rewards and enthusiastic parents was all you needed. You didnt wear a diaper for nap or nighttime starting about a month into your training. We were diaper free for a bit, which was an unexpected surprise!

You have piercing blue eyes and long eyelashes.

You have all your teeth, except for 2 molars which appear to be coming in now.

You are ALL boy. Cars, dirt, bruises, balls. Yet, you are sweet as sugar. You love snuggles and kisses and are caring to others. 

You are madly in love with your baby brother. MADLY! You kiss him and hold him and are helpful. 

You have a perfect smile and infectious laugh. 

Youre very ticklish. :)
You still take one nap a day, ranging from 1.5-3 hours. 

You have changed your sleeping at night lately. You wake up before 7 am, regardless of what time you went to bed. 

Sadly, you have developed eczema and have to take less baths now and get special lotion every night. You are not a fan.

You love music and can pick up lyrics instantly.

You love books! Youre current favorites are Hungry Caterpillar, Llama Llama, One Fish Two Fish, Disney books..we read at all times of the day and before bedtime.

Youre a good eater. Youve been trying more foods lately which makes me so happy! You eat most fruit and are slowly eating more veggies. Youre favorite foods are cereal and mac and cheese. You have quite a sweet tooth and love candy and ice cream.

You love all things Disney! We talk about going to Disneyworld every single day. You know all the characters and songs and recognize "Umblellas"(Cinderellas) castle. 

Youre favorite shows to watch are Alvin and the Chipmunks, WordWorld, Superwhy, and any Disney movie.

You can recognize every single letter of the alphabet. You learned them from your Letter Factory DVD. You find letters everywhere you go and read them aloud.

You can also spell your name. We say Tre,vor.

You gave up your pacifier, the last bit of "baby" left..Easter weekend.

You sleep with Bear-bear every night. You also need your twinkle turtle on. Blue, of course.

You finally learned your colors! Those took you a while to get, enough that Mama was questioning if you were colorblind. You say your favorites are blue or green.

You can count to 14 before getting mixed up.

You love playing outside. You are great at basketball and soccer. 

Your favorite thing to do in our basement playroom is to dump the 3 bins of stuffed animals and jump on them.

I am Mama and sometimes Mommy and Daddy is just Daddy.

You love your cousins! You and Tyler are already getting into trouble together. 

You discovered the car wash and ask to go all the time!

You love visiting the zoo and know every animal I can think of.

Like most children, you love jump houses. 

I have noticed you coloring with more of a purpose lately. Not quite in the lines, but trying!

You love the taste of medicine and never put up a fight. If you cough, you ask for honey.

You dont like the taste of plain water, so I add some flavored water and tell you its pop.

You still apprehensive about the swings! You do not like to go fast at all.

You are very honest. If you had a rough day, you will confess to Daddy as soon as he gets home.

You are full of energy from the minute you wake up until you close those eyes at night.

We still give you warm milk in the morning with your vitamins. Its a good way to start your day.

You are ridiculously handsome. I cant get over how Daddy and I made you.

Happy Half Birthday, Trevor Michael! We love you the mostest toastest!


Bren said...

That picture of him is gorgeous! He has beautiful eyes.

Jamie said...

Hi Erin,

I started reading your blog long before you were pregnant with Trevor, and I have been praying for you through every step. And I just want to say, your family is beautiful. I was also wondering if you could recommend a fertility clinic. I live in Homewood, and I have no idea where to start. Anyway, if you wouldn't mind emailing me, my email is jamie.boyer23@gmail.com.