Monday, April 30, 2012


You know how you get married and feel like you couldnt possibly love your husband more than that day you said I do?

And then you handles lifes up and downs and get closer and love him more?

And then you make a baby and are unbelievably happy and fall deeper?

But then you have another baby who looks just like him and that crooked smile X2 gets you every time?

Yep, thats about where I am at right now.

 He truly is my superhero.

He is the best Daddy in the world..which makes him an even better husband. I love that we raise our boys as a team. He works all day and then comes home and helps out with the kids. He gets the best giggles out of Trevor. Gavins favorite place to snuggle is his chest. He makes me melt with just one touch. We are crazy about him!

Recently, Tom has been working a ton. 4 jobs, to be exact. He has his regular 40 hour a week career. He has been working one extra shift at a park district on Monday nights. He now works for the White Sox security about one game per week. Lastly, he will be picking up shifts for the Metra on occasion. He could work 24/7. There are a lot of opportunities for security when youre a police officer, thats for sure.

He will do anything for us and that is a very good feeling. :)


Stace said...

I love reading your posts about your perfect little family. Your optimism & love for your family often reminds me just how great I have it too. :)