Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Month Old

Gavin turned 1 month old on Monday. Phew, what a month it has been! Here is my attempt to remember everything that has occurred..

~Gavin weighed 8 lb. 5 oz. at his 2 weight check and was up to 9 lb. 6 oz. at his 1 month check.

~His umbilical stump fell off at 8 days old.

~He wore newborn diapers for about 10 days and then moved to size 1. Mainly because I have an overabundance of size 1's.

~He is still fitting comfortably in newborn clothes. We have had crazy weather here and he has been seen in a onesie one day and a sweater the next.

~Gavin coo-ed for the first time last week, he was one day shy of 4 weeks. He smiled at me for the first time at exactly one month.

~His eyes are a beautiful blue and getting lighter.

~Gavin has been giving us one good stretch of sleep at night. He goes down and sleeps 3.5-5 hours and then is up to eat. Sometimes he doesn't want to go back to bed and I am up for an hour or so.

~He has had some tummy issues. Mainly, constipation. The doc said to give him an ounce of juice to regulate him. He burps like crazy. He can eat for 10 seconds and need to burp.

~Gavin can go anywhere from 2-4 hours between feedings.

~He is fussy in the evening, after Trevor has gone to bed.

~Gavin isn't on any sort of nap schedule yet. He does sleep a lot the first half of the day.

~I love wearing him! He is in the Moby at least once a day and has been in the kangaroo sling a few times too.

~He is the snuggliest newborn ever. He loves to be held and prefers to sleep on you.

~He is tracking objects and loves to look at bright lights.

~Gavin has a terrible rash. The doctor said its a mix of baby acne and something else..some sort of dermatitis. It started as a few dots on his cheeks and went north. Its currently on his whole head and down his back and chest. She said all we can do is give it time and put aquaphor on it.

~He loves the pacifier. He uses the MAM brand.

~He doesn't mind the bath, but gets upset when its time to actually wash him.

~Gavin crossed state lines for the first time when we went to our cottage.

~We haven't slowed down at all since Gavin was born. He has already been to many parks, the zoo, the aquarium, the mall, etc.

~His older brother simply adores him. He cant get enough of baby brother Gavin Thomas.

~I love all the little noises he makes when he is eating.

~He is always cold. His little lip will shiver the second you take his pants off to change him.

~Gavin always has his hands by his face. He likes to be swaddled on his bottom half, but he better be able to get those arms up!

~His smile is crooked, just like his Daddy.

~He has a dimple on his left cheek. You can see it when he sucks.

~He lost a lot of his hair on the top. He looks bald, but has quite a bit of hair in the back.

~Gavin has tiny feet but big hands with long fingers.

~Gavin will already be celebrating his second holiday this weekend. He has met the bunny twice and will again on Saturday.

~He has been giving the nicknames Gavy-goo and baby G, thus far.

~He hates getting medicine in his mouth.

I really cant get over how much I love this boy. We always said he had a hard act to follow. He is doing a darn good job! We are loving our life with 2 little men and cant wait to watch them grow up together. Oh, and if you're wondering if they look you go!


Ashlee said...

I was just thinking I don't think he looks like Trevor...until the last picture! Oh my goodness you're going to have to label all the pictures they could be identical twins!!

Danielle said...

Constipation- we dealt with that big time With my daughter. She would get to the point where she would throw up an then choke on it when she was trying to go! Two things that made a huge difference are chiropractor (he showed us some different things to do with her) and probiotcs. Probiotics will help with any baby acne too! If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Our dr suggested juice as well but It made me nervous.

They are adorable! And they look very similar as babies.
They are so cute!!

Catie said...

Just precious!! They look identical in the last picture.

Allison said...

He is just so precious! I wish I could hold that sweet baby! And I think he looks EXACTLY like Trev!

Amber said...

So adorable!! He looks just like Trevor. wow! Makes me really curious about how this one will look.

Life in the Dub Lane said...

oh my goodness! You have some major cuties on your hands! They do look alike, but I could tell them apart. So sweet!!!!

Kyah had that baby acne stuff too. So gross and ugly, but it did clear up and he had soft and smooth skin. :)

I love the updates. I might be biased and say he's advanced :)

You guys sure are blessed!

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

So adorable!!! My Zoe had the baby acne SO BAD! It cleared up by about 2 months if I'm remembering correctly. I think I just washed her face with plain water and didn't put anything on it. Didn't know about Aquaphor.

See? Going from one to two is a piece of cake! ;-) Your boys are so handsome!

Juani said...

The boys look like twins in that comparison picture!They are truly 2 little peas in a pod.2 adorable peas,that's for sure ;)

Kalle said...

Has it been a month already? Too precious. I love the photo of Gavin in Tom's hat and the ones of the boys in that last picture.