Saturday, April 28, 2012


National Infertility Awareness week is coming to a close this evening.
I could not let the week pass me by without acknowledging it.

If someone told me in 2007, when our journey began, that my family would look like this today..I never would have believed them.

I am thankful our broken road led us to Trevor Michael and Gavin Thomas.

I vow to continue to be open about our infertility. Both here and in real life. I want our story to give others hope that their dreams come true.

Speaking of dreams coming true..did anyone else watch this weeks G & B episode? I bawled when they got that phone call. It brought me back to every day I sat by my phone, waiting on news. Most times, it wasnt good. But the few phone calls we got that were good..changed our life.


Carly said...

just a gorgeous picture! Perfect little family. A little sister in that would really finish it off! hehe!

beth ewing said...

i didn't watch the show but was so happy when i heard. they sure have been through the ringer. and as we both know, it brings so much joy to see others get their dream.

The Autry's said...

What show is it that you're talking about?

twondra said...

I haven't heard the good news!! I don't get that show but I'll have to google and find out what's going on. :) I've been praying for them sooo much. They sure have been through a lot.

Love the picture. :)