Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

We did most of our Easter celebratin' on Saturday this year. We started our day at bites with the bunny at our park district. We've gone the past few years. It is exactly what its called..bites to eat-donuts, banana slices, cinnamon rolls, juice, etc. The bunny is in the corner and you can go take as many photos as you'd like. Trevor has been loving the bunny this year. He was the 3rd we had seen. He was a little hesitant at first and needed me to be with him. He warmed up once we set Gavin in bunbun's arms.

Afterwards, the host an egg hunt. They split it into three age groups and we were still able to go with Trevor. He did a great job picking up eggs, its just over so quickly!

While Trevor napped, I set up everything from the bunny. Tom had to work on Sunday, so he came early. Thankfully, Trevor is young enough to not know the difference. Ill admit.."the bunny" went a bit crazy this year. I started picking things up months ago because I knew Gavin would be very young. I kept coming across something else that would be perfect for their baskets..and it ended up being a lot! Oh well, they are only little once. I do try and get items I would have to buy anyway, like Trevors crocs and waterwings. I lined up eggs from Trevors room to the baskets and then from the baskets to his new sandbox outside. I filled the eggs with jelly beans and pennies.

We spent all afternoon playing with our new toys and decided to color eggs after dinner. Trevor really enjoyed it.

Sunday was a normal day for us. Tom went to work, I hung with the boys. I got some pics of Gavins first Easter. My whole family went over to my parents for dinner. Trevor and Gavin got more baskets there. I was most excited for the Disney gift cards we will use in October!

I almost forgot! On Saturday, Trevor threw his pacifier in the trash! He had been using it for nap and bed for a long time and we decided to let him keep it until after the baby came, so he wouldnt coorelate the two. He has been going down fine without it and hasnt been waking up at night looking for it. We are so happy! And somewhat it was the last "baby" item in his life. He will be 2-1/2 next month, but he will always be my baby.


Melissa said...

When in October are you all going to be at Disney? We'll be down there around the same time! :)

Samantha said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful Easter. The bunny went overboard in this house too lol. :)

Shannon said...

Hi Erin!
I know you mentioned Gavins rash in a previous post, but I wanted to say my sons face looked just like that at one month old and the only thing that worked was California Babys Calendula Cream. Its from Target and is around $12 for 2 oz but he is now almost one and the tub is half full! It works! Your boys are so cute. I am regretting not taking mine to see the Easter bunny!

beth ewing said...

We bought Keaton the exact same puddle jumper.

Amber said...

I was just showing the Big Bro, Lil Bro shirts to Jason last night! I love them!!

Drake has a puddle jumper, too, and it's awesome! It made time in the pool SO much better than last year.

Carly said...

Trevor looks so excited with his new sandbox!! Looks like you guys had a fabulous Easter weekend :)

Kelly said...

Gavin looks just like Trevor! Precious pictures! Love the Easter egg trail!

Mara said...

Were did you get your Easter baskets with their names? Those are SO cute!