Monday, March 12, 2012

Birth Story & Hospital Stay

Its about time I get around to sharing my birth story! Life has been hectic since Gavin joined us 10 days ago. I still stop what I am doing, at least 15 times a day, and question how I got this lucky? I have two beautiful, healthy sons. I am amazed at how the moment I saw Gavin, my heart split in two. Right down the middle. Equal, different love for my little men. Anyway, lets get back to how my second boy entered the world..

Wednesday night, we were in bed and I leaned over to Tom. I gave him an innocent look and said, "So, when do you want the next one?" Considering we were getting induced in 10 hours and I was still pregnant, I was sure he would say something like..lets talk about it later. Or, lets see what happens after him. Instead, Tom answered, "Whenever Dr. M can get us on the books." Talk about making my heart skip a beat. I am so thankful we are on the same page with our plans for our future and children. It was a beautiful thought to fall asleep to.

I did manage to fall asleep and woke up read to call L & D. Unfortunately, I looked at my clock and it was 3am, not 6am. I knew there was no way I was falling back asleep, so I got up. I watched some TV, ate cereal, a banana and yogurt and relaxed. 6am came around surprisingly quickly and I started to get things ready to go. They gave me the OK to head in at 7:30, so I hopped in the shower while Tom and Trevor snuggled. We dropped Trevor by my sisters and were at the hospital at 7:30 sharp.

We were taken to our room and got started right away. I changed into my gown, got my bands, had my IV, hooked on to the baby monitor and contraction monitor, etc. We answered questions and signed papers and finally got pitocin started at 9:25. Before that, I was contracting on my own, every 7 minutes. The nurse did check me right away and I the same as my Monday doc appt.

We brought our Friends season and rotated with watching episodes and the news. It was just me and Tom, which was nice. The pitocin went up by 2, every 20-30 minutes. I had a great contraction pattern going right away and they were running every 3-4 minutes for hours. At 1:25pm, my doctor came in. The pitocin was up to 18 at this point. She checked and I was 2-3 cm dilated, 50% effaced and the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. She decided to break my water and said I could get the epidural whenever I wanted.

I was totally encouraged at this point. It took me SO long to get to 3 with Trevor, so I was happy this labor was moving faster. After my water was broken, the contractions started to get painful, rather than uncomfortable. I debated when to request the epidural and felt like I should be in more pain to be asking! I went ahead and asked, knowing I would have to wait. Im glad I did, because it was almost an hour before they came to set me up. It was about 5:30pm by then. Tom went to get food and I got a needle in my back. The epi hurt a lot more than with Trevor. But, I managed just fine. The nurse checked me before the put the catheter in and I was the exact same as when they broke my water. Talk about disappointment! Tom came back and all was well for about 30 minutes. I was sitting there, and all of a sudden I looked at Tom and told him I didnt feel right. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I couldn't catch my breath and tears were streaming down my face. The scared look on Toms face didn't help. The nurse came in, put my bed down and tried to see what was wrong. My heart rate went up to 150, but Gavins stayed steady. It lasted a few minutes and I felt better. They checked my epidural and that was fine. They weren't sure what happened..but it was a terrible feeling.

Tom and I were getting antsy at this point. Everyone was checking in wondering where the baby was. I just kept saying how badly I wanted to hold him. They checked me a few hours later and we couldnt believe there was still no change. At this point, I was feeling like crap. I was shaking, but so warm. I felt nauseous constantly. Its like everything went downhill after the epidural, when you're supposed to be feeling better! I was starting to wonder how long theyd let me go before they talk about a c-section.

My nurse talked to the doctor and they decided to lower my pitocin from 20 to 10 and gradually increase it again. From 7:45-11:15pm, it went from 10-22. That whole time, I felt nauseous and threw up many times. At 11:15, the nurse checked me before she left for the night. I was 5-6cm and 90% effaced. I was so glad to not hear 2-3! I came to terms with having him on 3/2 and told myself to get some rest! My Mom and sister came by for about an hour. They gave me some Zofran, after I puked again. Our birth photographer arrived about 11:30 also. She didnt want to fall asleep and risk missing it. Tom and I both wanted and needed to sleep, so she took a few pictures and then went into the waiting room to do some work.

From 12-4, Tom and I slept on and off. I was anticipating feeling the intense pressure I did with Trevor and was surprised at how mild it was. I felt it for about 2 hours before I said something. I knew the longer I dealt with it, the shorter my pushing time would be. At 4:15, I asked the nurse what the plan was and she said she could check me then. She casually said, "Youre complete, lets get ready to push." And just like that, we were wide eyed and ready to go. I asked her if I could brush my teeth first, she agreed. :) I was worried that he wasnt low enough due to the lack of pressure, but that was not a problem. I pushed with the nurse, starting at 4:22 am. The epidural was turned way down and I could feel everything. It was a good feeling, though. With Trevor, my legs were jello and I didnt even know when he was coming out. This time, I could feel his head and it was such a nice motivator. I pushed with her for about 20 minutes and then she had me stop because the doctor wasnt back yet. The doc came in, apologized for being hung up in the ER, and he was out in 7 minutes, at 4:58 am. She would have me push and then stop to allow stretching. Again and again until he slid out. Thanks to that, I did not tear or need an episiotomy. She placed him on my chest and I waited for him to cry. It felt like it was taking forever and I honestly had the thought of, not again! Gavin started screaming after a minute and snuggled right in. I couldn't believe how much he looked like Trevor or how tiny he was. I held him for about 10 minutes and then asked for them to weigh him!

The nurse did her little work up and I was shocked he was only 7lb, 6oz. I could see him the whole time, which was nice. I was bleeding quite a bit and Dr. K kept mashing on my stomach. It hurt so bad. Then, she was literally digging clots out of me..I just kept my eye on Gavin and Tom and waited for it to be over. Finally, they brought him back to me and before we knew it, it was just us in the room. Gavin breastfed right away and we soaked in the first moments with him. We let our families know he arrived and were taken over to our postpartum room after about an hour.

Tom and I were leaning toward a different name and shortly after he came out, I told Tom that he wasnt it. He was Gavin. Gavin Thomas. And we LOVE it. I was hoping he would come out and make it easy for us to decide..and he did. :)

We couldn't have visitors until 10am, so that gave us time to enjoy him and relax a bit. My parents brought Trevor by first and he was so cute. He walked in, excited about bringing donuts and walked right over to Tom. He smiled and kisses Gavin like he knew exactly who he was. I will never forget those moments.

He kept saying, "He is so cute!" and thought it was funny when he opened his eyes. We were so glad that first meeting went perfectly.

We had visitors throughout the day, mostly family.

I felt pretty good the rest of the day. My stomach was tender and they kept coming back to push on it some more. The pediatrician gave Gavin a clean bill of health. It was so odd to have a normal hospital stay. Once we got into our room, they left us alone. They only bothered us every few hours for a vital check on me. Otherwise, nurses stayed away and let you enjoy your newborn.

We stayed Friday night and kept Gavin in the room with us. Saturday morning, we were up and ready to go home! We had the option to stay another night, but were so ready to be home with Trevor. They gave us a little celebratory lunch, which was cute and yummy.

Gavin had his hearing test done and passed. I got the clear from my OB and Gavin got his.

The day went by so slow and were had to sit around and wait for the birth certificate woman to get to us. Finally, at about 4pm, we were outta there!

We drove to my parents to pick up Trevor and he was very happy to see us. We arrived at home that evening and began our life as a family of 4..

Ah, there it is! Mine and Gavin's story. <3

I have so much more to share. My recovery. Trevors adjustment. Life with 3 boys. Thoughts on #3. And most importantly, TONS of pictures. My photographer has my maternity and birth photos on a disk and she is bringing it to me on Thursday when she does his newborn photos!


Kristal said...

Wonderful birth story. I'm so glad to hear aside from feeling frustrated with not progressing quickly, that your baby arrived smoothly. I can also sympathize with the tummy mashing. I had my 2nd 6 months ago, but I can clearly remember the tummy mash. Makes you feel like a pound of hamburger :)

Looking forward to reading more updates!

Allison said...

I'm so glad everything went well! Gavin is so tiny! You are almost giving me baby fever!

Kelly said...

Yay! What a great story. So glad he came on his own time and you didn't have to go through a c section.

juliane2004 said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

ASHLEY said...

Loved reading your story.Congratulations, you have a beautiful family.

Jodi said...

great story he is precious.

Cori said...

Gavin is so precious! Good Job Mama! That sounded like a super long day for you! You rocked it! Can't wait to hear how your new family of 4 is adjusting!

Francesca Fine Jewelry said...

What a wonderful story! I am so happy to hear that everything went well. Prayers were answered. God is good.

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

He is so so so adorable!!! Congratulations!

paige said...

paragraph 2 was probably heart stoppingly beautiful.
What a gift.
(& your baby honey guy is pretty gorgeous :)

Anna & Kirby said...
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Anna & Kirby said...

great post! So glad to hear it went well for you! Congrats again!

Mama B said...

I've been MIA from the blogging world, so I'm just catching up on Gavin's birth story now.

Congrats, Mama!! He's beautiful, and your family of 4 is perfect. :)

Oh, and, he was born on the same day as my baby girl, exactly one year later. Such an amazing day! ;)