Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Change

While we were in the hospital, Trevor stayed with my parents overnight. He played with his cousins, who he adores, and had fun day on Thursday. Friday morning, he came to meet his little brother. He was smitten by him instantly. He kept saying he was his baby and how cute he was. It was perfect.

Trevor came back to the hospital a second time and was as joyful as ever. He was not upset to see us in the hospital and didnt mind leaving to go back to Ama and Gaga's house.

Saturday morning, my Mom said he started asking for me. When he heard the doorbell ring, he thought it was us. We were stuck at the hospital all day and didnt go pick him up until about 4:30pm.

He did okay that first night back home. It was just a few hours of unpacking, dinner, and a little playtime. He knew to be very gentle to Gavin. He went to bed in his own room, happily.

Long story short? The next 4 days sucked. He was terrible. He was saying mean things, constantly in time out, mad at me, not listening, crying about everything, etc. It was rough. My heart was broken, knowing he was not my normal child. Luckily, he was always sweet to Gavin. It took him a bit to get used to his name. He kept calling him baby brudder, or that guy. Haha

Tom went back to work on Thursday. I went to bed Wednesday evening, wondering how Id handle a few day old baby and an unruly toddler. Well, Trevor woke up that morning and was his old self. A switch was flipped. He was 100% polite, sweet and loving toward me. He listened again and was happy. I wasnt sure if it was just temporary..but it was not. He has been great since that morning a few weeks back.

Trevor is exactly the big brother we expected him to be. He adores Gavin. He "pets" his head, give him the pacifier, shushes him when he cries. He loves to hold his hand in the car. He constantly gives him kisses and snuggles. He does not mind when I feed him and will often sit with us. He is also helpful to me. He will get a diaper and wipe if I ask. He loves bringing me the bouncer to put Gavin in. He loves holding Gavin and cant help but cover him in kisses when he does.

Im not sure why he needed those 4 days to adjust to the change. I imagine it was a mix of being away from us, realizing this is our new life and also having Tom home and doing most of his care. I am thankful we are past that stage and their friendship has started to form. :)


beth ewing said...

adjusting to not being the baby anymore is hard. although we haven't experienced what you have, each time we've seen some adjusting. luckily when #3 comes along, Trevor will be fine but it will be Gavin adjusting. hehe! glad it's going well.

Chelley N said...

I have a little girl who turned 2 about one week after we brought her brother home (he was born 2-10-12). She did this EXACT same thing! She was great at the hospital - and always very sweet with the baby - but she was extremely naughty toward me. I seriously asked my husband, "who is this child" several times. BUT, after a few days, she went back to her sweet self and things have been great ever since. I'm glad to know she's not the only one to go through that!

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

Handsome boys!!! I love that he called him "that guy", ha ha ha!!!

LORI said...

It could be a little bit of the age too and he just has good timing. And if Tom was messing with him not you it could just be something he wasn't used to. Glad things settled down... :)))

Anna & Kirby said...

Great pictures! I have no experience in this area, so nothing much to say... I just the bonding pictures :)