Monday, February 13, 2012

Ten Things

We are still without internet and will be until next Tuesday. I want to post like crazy about my thoughts on this pregnancy ending, whats up with Trevor, our new home, etc. Oh well, this will have to do.

1-Thanks for the advice on inducers. We have stuck to the sex, evening primrose, raspberry tea cycle. I plan to pick up the pump from my sisters tomorrow and give that a whirl. I have an appointment at 9am on Wednesday. I am realllllly hoping doc is on board with the 24th.

2-My girlfriends threw me a Sprinkle shower yesterday and it was great. Baby boy got lots of cute and necessary gifts. He is stocked on just about everything. I need to do a few returns and will use the money to get the little stuff no one likes to buy. :)

3-I am taking Trevor on a special Valentines Day date tomorrow. First, he needs a haircut. Then, we will have lunch at the Choo-choo restaurant. When Daddy gets off, we have gifts for him. Valentines Day 2009 was the day he was created. The first day Tom and I came together as one. V-Day was never big for us and now it has turned into a holiday to celebrate Trevor.

4-Toms romantic Valentines Day plans are to paint the boys room. The ceilings are tall, so I am hoping he can get it done in one night. If not, he has Wednesday too. We need to pick a ceiling fan and decide on Trevors sleeping situation. Full size bed? Toddler? Keep him in crib longer? Once the room is painted and I see the space we have, I will decide.

5-I am at the point in pregnancy where I am utterly exhausted. I feel like I never got any energy back after the move last week. In addition, I hurt my upper back by leaning over boxes and unpacking. And sorting the mounds of baby clothes. It feels like something is pinching me on the right side and its constant. I am going to see if I can get a referral from my OB to get it checked out. Or I may just go get a massage and ask them to hit a few pressure points while theyre at it!

6-I cant believe we could have a new baby next week. I wonder what he will look like, how big he will be? What will it feel like to hold him after such a long journey?

7-Im super sad about leaving Trevor behind and staying at the hospital. That kid next to me 95% of every day and I will miss him so much! The hospital is only a few minutes from my Moms and I imagine we will be calling her and tell her to bring him by again and again.

8-I signed him up for a music class that starts next Thursday night. He just loves music, dancing and singing.

9-I think we have chosen Godparents for baby boy. I wanted to wait until he was born and then Ill call the church and set something up for the month of April.

10-Toms schedule will be changing sometime in March and we are crossing our fingers that its a good shift! We have been spoiled with the 7-3pm and Fri & Sat off. Overnights wouldn't be too bad. He cant give up and give the baby his boob. We would just love to have one weekend day together. As usual, we wait and see.

I will be sure to update Wednesday after my appointment! Happy Valentines Day!


Lindsay said...

Enjoy the final days of your pregnancy (although, I'm sure you know that already!). Hoping that your back gets better, I know that's a miserable thing to deal with while being pregnant!

Melinda said...

Do you have an exercise ball? When I was pregnant with Addie Grace I would sit on it and roll my hips and bounce a little and she dropped overnight and I had her 2 days later. I also got on the ball again at the hospital and it sped up my labor. Just a suggestion! I know you're anxious!

I'm excited for you! Just wait until you see Trevor for the first time after the baby is born. You won't believe how big he is. I remember thinking Crista was a giant when I finally got to see her after Addie was born!