Saturday, February 25, 2012

Final Days

Hello, there. I am still here and still pregnant. We finally got internet/cable at our new house on Thursday. Now, I can be connected to the world again.

This past week was beyond hectic. I worked long days through Wednesday and am now officially off until further notice. Poor Tom worked his normal 40 hour week and picked up three security shifts, too. It was exhausting for both of us. We were so excited when Thursday evening came around and we were off together.

Toms birthday was Friday! 26=closer to 30 than it is to 20. ;) We went to a large mall so I could walk a bit, bought a few gifts for others, took Trevor to a new kids jump place and ate a delicious lunch at Red Robin. Friday night, we had his family by for pizza and cake.

In our spare free time, we have managed to finish the boys room! I am really happy with how it turned out. We dont have toys in the bedroom, so there was just enough space for both boys things. We are still in need of a desk and kitchen table. Its gotten frustrating because we cant find anything we like and we dont want to waste money.

Bags on table are big brother gift, Trevors overnight bag, boppy and baby bag for hospital.

No, they dont need any clothes..

..or diapers or wipes..

In still being pregnant news..I went to the doctor last week Monday. Everything looked great, as always. My bp was high when I arrived, again, but went down. I was very worked up about this appointment because I was nervous what she would say! The doctor talked with me for a while about what we should do. Its a fine line between inducing me when my body isnt ready vs. waiting too long and having him be too big which could result in a c-section. She left the room for a few and came back with the date of March 1st. Thursday. One day before my due date. I wasnt thrilled with the day..I was hoping for late last week or early this week. But, between not wanting a Leap Day baby and her being comfortable with the dates..March 1st was chosen.

I left the appointment determined to help get him out. I really wanted to have him on Toms birthday. Tom wanted it too. I have been taking my evening primrose oil and raspberry tea religiously. I got a pedicure. I ate Chinese food. I pumped and pumped. I walked. We had sex. Contractions would come, but never for very long. Finally, yesterday, I declared defeat. I had become so mentally exhausted from trying that I was in a bad mood for a few days. I dont want to end my beautiful pregnancy that way. Instead, I will soak in these next few days and meet him on Thursday. I go back to the doctor tomorrow for one final check. I am hoping all my efforts have at least made me dilate more. That would make me very happy!

We had maternity pictures yesterday and it was a disaster. Its been unseasonably warm here and of course, we had a drop in temp and snow on Friday. I'm not a big fan of indoor pictures, but I didnt have much of a choice considering its February in Chicago. My photographer came by at 11 and unfortunately, Trevor was all ready for bed. He has been waking up earlier since moving to the big bed and he was just done. We didnt get a single picture I wanted. He ended up falling asleep on our bed while Tom and I took some pics. We got him up and after a lot of tears and boogies, persuaded him to go play in the snow. We went to a local park and took like 5 photos..again, nothing like what I wanted. Oh well!! The good news is that if we make it to Thursday, the photographer is open all day to photograph the birth and brothers meeting. I will be so happy if she is able to capture that!

I have Monday-Wednesday of this week to get more done around the house and more importantly, soak in Trevor. We have some fun planned.

No, he still does not have a name! Were liking two right now. I guess we are waiting to see him and are expecting he comes out looking like one or the other. I cant believe I will have him in a few days...


beth ewing said...

i'm praying you go into labor on your own...but not on Wednesday. Just remember that inducing can also lead to a c-section, which I know you don't want. so just relax and know that sweet little boy will be here before you know (i know easier said than done).

Melli said...

I am honestly glad that you came to the point that you do not need to end this pregnancy by some "help". Yes, these things might make the birthing process easier and faster but there is no such thing as the ultimate birth-starter. Like I said before, they come out all alone and when they are ready! Hopefully you will not need a c-section.

Debbie said...

I had to be induced at 42 weeks with my fist child. Thankfully, it worked and she was born that day (and 9 ponds too!). I discussed with my doctor what would happen if the induction didn't work. I really didn't want a section with my first baby. She said we would turn off the pitocin, and try again in the morning. As long as your water is intact, you can try again another day. I started at 125 pounds w my pregnancy, and delivered her vaginally. It was hard, but not impossible. Let your body do what it is designed to do, and you will meet your son when he is ready.

Maggie said...

Yeah for an update!! Enjoy your last few days as just a family of 3. I hope your birthing experience is everything you want it to be!

Kalle said...

Enjoy these last few days alone with Trevor. I'm so excited for you and your family. I wish you a wonderful labour (you know as good as it can be) and can't wait to hear his name and see some pictures. All the best to you and the family.

I love Trevor' bed and the room for the boys.