Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All Moved!

Hello? Anyone out there?

That was a LONG blog break. We cut off Internet at our old condo Monday of last week. We moved over the weekend and there is no installation date set for the new house yet. I need to make that call today.

We moved everything on Friday, in less than 8 hours. I was astonished! We had a lot of help and were so grateful. I have not sat down for more than a few minutes since Friday. The house looked like a tornado ran through it on Friday evening and I have been piecing each room together. My main priority is getting ready for the baby, in case he comes soon. I washed all of the 0-3 month clothes, got the swing and rock and play set up, got the bottles out, etc. I want to paint the boys room in the next few days and finish that first. We still need a new desk and a kitchen table. I need organization bins for the basement. I plan to pack my hospital bag this weekend.

I go to the doctor tonight and am feeling very anxious about it. I am hoping for some progress. I want a February baby!!

Here I am at 36 weeks, 4 days. Trevor woke up from his nap and was lovin' on baby brother.


Marcie said...

I was wondering where you have been! I can't imagine all the stress that came with moving while you are 9 months pregnant! Glad that baby boy is still in the oven.
That pic is too cute!

twondra said...

awwww, so sweet! Love the picture! I second Marcie...can't imagine the stress you're feeling!