Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts

My, oh my. I am so tired right now..fighting to keep my eyes open. And yet, when I get in bed, I guarantee I wont be able to fall asleep. This has been a long work week, paired with a week where I can not sleep! Its so frustrating because my body is exhausted and I have hours of quiet time wasted. Even my snoogle doesn't help. Its so hard to get comfortable. I took a small bit of benadryl and Im hoping that will do the trick.

I feel like theres a lot to catch up usual. Lets see:

*Trevor has been in undies 100% since last Friday. We decided to be brave and have him wear undies out. I thought it may be confusing for him to wear undies at home and diapers when were not..and he may have a harder time later on. So, we left the house in undies and haven't turned back! Trevor is doing fantastic! He only wears a diaper to nap and sleep. He wakes up from his nap dry about half of the time and even woke up dry this morning! Ironically, I have been stocking up on diapers this week. I just can not pass up a box of diapers for $5. I bought sizes 1 and 2 and now have roughly 8 boxes for baby brother. Score!

*Yesterday, Trevor called to announce he was awake. Before I even had a minute to roll out of bed, he was next to me! That was a first. I explained to him that climbing out of the crib was dangerous and he needed to wait for Mama and Daddys help. Tonight, I put him to bed and he came out of his room 25 minutes later to pee. Uh-oh! We will see how this pans out..

*Yesterday, it was about 52 degrees here. Today, we had our first little blizzard. Crazy Chicago weather! It didnt amount to a ton, but it is very slick. I am thankful to have a large car and brand new tires for my precious cargo! Were looking forward to playing in it this weekend.

*I had an OB appt tonight. I would usually go alone, but Tom worked his second job this evening. it was super stressful getting off work, feeding Trevor dinner and giving him a quick bath and getting to the appt with all the terrible drivers. Plus, Trevor was whiny and tired. I ended up spilling pee on myself in the bathroom. Wonderful! The nurse took my BP and it was high twice. She came back 5 minutes later and it was still high. She was going to have me lay on my side to lower it, but the doc said she thought it was just circumstances. I must agree.

*Everything checked out great with baby. He is head down and measuring right on track. I feel like he has dropped a lot recently. Ill need to compare pictures this weekend. I go back in 2 weeks..

*We get the keys to the house in 3 weeks and will move that weekend. I have a lot of packing to do this week, since we will be at the cottage next weekend.

*Life has really slowed down since January began and its a welcome change. We done a lot of just hanging out. Tom really appreciates me scheduling time to do nothing. ;)

*I keep thinking how sweet it would be if baby comes around Valentines Day. Trevor was created on V-Day 3 years ago. How wonderful for us to have 2 sons, three years later!

*Our hospital tour Monday was awesome!! It made me want to hop in a bed and get the party started right then. Now we know where to park, which elevators to take and all of their rules and regulations.

*He still doesn't have a name. We truly may wait to meet him to name him.

Alright, I need to attempt to sleep. Wish me luck!