Monday, January 2, 2012

Potty Training

I had hoped to potty train Trevor close to age 2. I know boys aren't usually ready until closer to 3, but we decided to give it a try. We have had a potty seat for the big toilet and a baby Bjorn one in our bathroom for months. There was little to no interest..until one day, it just happened. About 3 weeks ago, Trevor decided it was time to grow up! He is 100% potty home. We have not taken the leap to have him wear undies away from home too much yet. Last night was our first attempt and we went to a friends house for about 2 hours. He peed twice while there and came home dry. :) My issue, is the he will tell me he has to go and if I cant find a potty very quickly, he will have an accident. In the summer, I could have a pop up potty in my trunk and have a bathroom available at all times. With our freezing winter ahead of us, I cant subject his bare booty to that. So, I am currently thankful he is saving us about 50% of the diapers we buy and will slowly transition him to wearing undies all day. I do think he will be totally trained by the time brother comes. Yahoo for only one in diapers!
*Yes, I am totally aware he may regress when baby arrives. We will see when it happens!*

Now, some photos of my bathroom. Here are Trevor's options for potty time. I cant believe I have a mini urinal in my home.

Trevor got this watch for Christmas, so he actually was doing well before it came along. You set it for 30, 60 or 90 minute increments and it lights up and plays a song. When it goes off, he dances and says, "Its potty time!" And runs to the bathroom. Its a little peace of mind for me and Tom when are distracted and wondering when the last time he went was.

Here is our reward station. He gets one treat for pee and two for poop. Right now, he has pez or chocolate for his choices.

I am so proud of my big boy. Another piece of his babyhood is quickly fading away. Thank God we have another one coming to start the cycle again.


Jacke said...

Oh my gosh, where did you find the mini urinal? I have looked everywhere for one and every web site I try says they are sold out or no longer carry them.

Jodi said...

I was sad to give up diapers too. They used them at night for a while though. Don't worry it isn't too long a time where you are peeing in EVERY potty in town. The worst bathrooms are Mcdonalds! It never fails to have to do BMs in there I cover the entire potty in tissue and they are not allowed to touch anything.

Cori said...

Yay! That is so awesome! You seem to have it down!!!! I live that watch! I have never heard of that before, so cute! Soon you will have lots more diapers to change and you will be right back in the baby game:)

Once Upon A Time said...

I'm impressed. Sounds like you've got a great system!

Rookie Mama said...

I've never seen a mini urinal! I love the potty watch! Thanks for the tips! Check out my new blog about baby products!

beth ewing said...

We have that watch too. It's adorable. My first (a boy) was so hard to potty train. I'm hoping the second (also a boy) is easier. Then I get to try out my girl for comparison. Hehe! Congrats to Trevor!

Jessica said...

Just wanted to give you a piece of advice on going out - best advice I got on potty training! Put underwear on UNDERNEATH a pull-up. That way, he feels like he's wearing underwear and will try to stay dry, but in the event that he has an accident, it won't get all over his clothes. My friend suggested that to me with my son, who was pretty close to being trained at that point, but I was afraid to take him out or send him to preschool without a diaper or pull-up. Once I started that, he was totally out of diapers during the day within a week; at night, he wore (clean) underwear each night but I'd still put a nighttime diaper on top of it. Honestly, I think I left that diaper on for a couple of weeks longer than I needed to because I didn't want him to wet the bed and have to change the sheets in the middle of the night! Finally, one night I said to him "I think you're ready to sleep without the diaper, so when you feel ready, you let me know." The next night, he asked me not to use the diaper... and it's been 2 years and he hasn't had an "accident" in bed yet. He was fully trained at 2.5 (which was about 2 months after his sister was born and he did fine with that too).

Sounds to me like you're doing an amazing job!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

That is amazing that he's already so close to being fully potty-trained! Good job, Trevor!

Knox is nowhere near even being interested, so I believe we'll be much closer to three years-old when he is using the potty.