Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Changes

I have been thinking a lot lately about how much Trevor's life is going to change in a few short weeks. We wanted this so bad and for so long, it almost feels wrong to have these feelings.

Trevor has been our world for over 2 years. He gets Mama 24/7 and Daddy nights and weekends. He loves his time with the 3 of us. He is always asking where Daddy is. He prefers to have our family in one place. Don't we all?

I have taken care of other children his entire life. But, having a new baby in our own home is very different. For the first time, I will have to tell him to wait until I am done feeding the baby, changing the baby, etc. He will have to share his Mama and Daddy with a new little guy.

Part of me feels like his world is going to be rocked and we may face some challenges. But, part of me feels like he will go with the flow, as he has with every single day of our life, and he will be fine.

After all, we are giving him the greatest gift we ever could. A brother.

Pics are from my bday dinner last week.

Trevor climbs out of his crib now(thats another story), so our once a week morning cuddle sessions have turned into every morning cuddle sessions. This is when Trevor loves on my belly the most. He always checks on baby brother or "Elf", as he still calls him. He will rub his bear on him and talk to him. I am going to miss the love affair, but have a feeling it will be even better when I am watching him do those to his baby brother laying next to him.

2 little boys in my bed? How did I get so lucky?

Oh, yes. I had mentioned before how I got Trevors big brother gift together. I got a kid tough camera for free back around Christmas and saved it. We have loaded it with batteries, so Trevor can join in with the picture taking at the hospital. I bought him 2 books, one is called Michael is a big brother and ones is a giant board book on Babies. Lastly, I got him a tub of dinosaurs. I figure they will keep him entertained while at the hospital or back at my parents house. I was excited about the gift!!

Then, we bought this.

Let me tell you the story behind this beauty. I have been wanting this for Trevor since his 1st birthday, but couldnt bring myself to pay $350. I tried to justify it when I found out we were having another boy..but still couldnt fork over that money! Last week, my sister was at Target and noticed one on the clearance rack. She forgot to tell me until a few days later. I called the store and sure enough, they still had it. They wouldnt put it on hold for me and wouldnt let me pay over the phone. Trevor was napping and I was 2 seconds from waking him to speed to the store and get it. My brother graciously offered to go grab it. Its a good thing he did, because he beat a lady walking to it. Godfather of the year award. :) It was on sale for $149. THAT is a deal.


Stace said...

I was super worried about jealousy/rocking Colby's boat when the girls were born too, but like you said- he just went with the flow. Since the beginning I've been so careful to give him as much attention as possible. Also I try to guide his behavior in a way that it's not "because of the babies" if that makes sense. Trev will do awesome!

And I love the big brother gifts!! :)

Amber said...

Woo hoo for your awesome deal! That's amazing! Hope you and the fam are doing well!

Liz J said...

Whatever you do, let him warm up to the baby on his own time. Don't force it! I had my 2nd son when my 1st son was 23 months old. He wanted NOTHING to do with that baby for the 1st 8 months of his life. I broke my heart because I wanted that picture of my 2 sweet boys together, but Ryan would scream if we put Dylan on or near him. Fast forward 2 years and they are the bestest buddies ever! Ryan is always concerned about where Dylan is and making sure he does not get left behind. Their relationship melts my heart. And I like to believe that they love each other so much because I let it happen on their time...not mine!! Good luck!

J said...

I love the police car! I'm so glad you were able to get it for Trevor! From what I can tell, your sweet boy is amazing and yes the changes may be hard at first but he is going to love his brother so much that I don't think he will mind the changes plus he is going to be the best big brother-helping momma all the time! :)

It's amazing to want babies so badly and then be blessed with two!

Cin said...

I just had to share what I noticed on your blog Erin. According to Lilypie counter, Trevor is a whole mess of 2's today. 2 years, 2months, 2weeks and 2days old! Thought that was a bit cute.