Friday, December 9, 2011

28 Weeks! & Big Baby Update!

How far along? 28 weeks, 3rd trimester! This is the week we went from thinking Trevor was a girl to finding out he was ALL BOY! There is no denying this little guy is a boy.

Total weight gain/loss: Im sticking with 10 lbs, let see what the docs scale says this week.

Maternity clothes? Yep, Ive been sticking with comfy pants when I can. Maternity jeans are such a nightmare.

Sleep: Weird dreams are back. And Ive ben kicking off my Snoogle in the middle of the night. It does help me fall asleep though.

Best moment this week: The constant kicks and jabs make every day great. :)

Movement: He is a maniac! He is often laying across and I feel feet on my side. Every once in a while, I'll feel something up high.

Food cravings: Hot chocolate & Chipotle(not together!)

Gender: A boy!

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out? Flattening

What I miss: Wine, I could have used a large glass after that Polar Express trip!

What I am looking forward to: Birth!

Milestones: 3rd trimester!

So, I am totally in love with a name and I think its the one. A {minor} problem..Tom doesnt like it. I am hoping he will change his mind because I cant stop thinking about it.

This week, I have my regular 28 week appointment. I feel like I may be measuring small still. I compared some pics with Trevors and I am definetly smaller this time. We will see what the doc said. Its also my 1st appointment with the 4th and final doc. Then, I can start making me appts with my fave docs and hope s/he is there for delivery.

I also have my glucose test this week. Im not too worried about it.
We have our hospital tour scheduled for Saturday.

My 2 girlfriends are throwing me a shower. I think its going to be Feb 11th. I told them to keep it low key. I am looking forward to celebrating this little boy and hopefully getting some fun gifts since we have all the big stuff.

Ive been watching birth shows like crazy and seriously cant wait to tell my second story. I keep joking that it has to be better than last time. Less than 24 hours, please? No fevers and NICU time? A healthy baby in our own room? It would all be so surreal.

I had a photographer friend offer to take pics of the birth and after a lot of consideration, we are told her yes. Nothing too personal..I just want her to capture those moments of when he first comes out and also when Trevor walks in. I want to soak in those moments with Tom rather than have him holding the camera and videocamera. Im really excited about hope the timing will work out.


Amber said...

Oooh...I can't wait to hear what name you love. I have a boy name that I like, but Jason says "no", too.

A great day for a shower - my birthday! :-)

Nicole said...

You look SO cute! Your belly looks definitely pregnant but not miserable yet :)
I hope you can talk Tom into your new name that you love!! I'm excited to hear the verdict in a few months (I'm assuming you're going to keep it secret until baby's debut?)
And thanks for the encouragement about my beta tomorrow. Eek!

Stace said...

Happy 28 Weeks!! You're in the home stretch... how did that happen?? :) Can't wait to hear Baby Boy's name. You look great!

Lisa said...

1.) When we named M, hubs didnt like it...I named her anyways and he grew to love it!

2.) I was supposed to have a birth shoot, but bc I ended up with a c/s, she came after. You WILL CHERISH these pics forever, its a great idea.

3.) I love you :) said...

Have you tried Old Navy maternity jeggings? They are SO comfortable and look really good! Before this pregnancy I never would have worn anything with the name jeggings, but really they're just comfortable, well fitted pregnancy jeans. I love them. Look forward to hearing baby boy's name! My husband and I just recently settled on our second son's name, and though he thought it was too "out there" at first, we both love it now.

twondra said...

You look so happy! So excited for you!!!

Lindsay said...

You look great, you're so tiny! Hopefully Tom will come around with the name and agree! The naming process is the hardest part of all!

Lindsay said...

I forgot to mention, we had a photographer in the room and it was by far, the best decision we made! Those are pictures that you will cherish forever!