Sunday, December 11, 2011

2 Year Appointment

Trevor had his 2 year appointment on Friday. My fave doctor was back from her maternity leave, so we were glad to see her! He weighed in at 28lb. 1oz. and was 35 and 1/4 inches! He is about 50% for weight and 75% for height. He got a great report and excelled in all of the developmental checkpoints. He was a little nervous when we talked about going to the doctor, but he was a total ham for the nurse and doc. He stayed so still when she examined him and listened to all of the instructions. We got him mostly dressed and waited for his shot. Once again, not a single tear. He didnt even wince or whimper..I think he has my high pain tolerance. They like to see the kids at 2.5 years, so hopefully we wont be back before then.

I did ask about about setting up new baby with their practice and she said someone will come see him in the hospital. We didnt have that with Trevor because he was in the NICU, so Im hoping she will be the one on staff that day.

Trevor has made huge strides forward with potty training the past week. He has been peeing and pooping on his potty every day, many times a day. We only do it while at home. He isnt quite ready to do the whole process in public yet. We have him wear his undies at home and make a big deal when he goes. He does this funny celebratory dance; Ill have to get in on camera! I am totally impressed with his progress and hope he stays interested.

These are the last bit of his 2 year pics. My faves. :)


Kristal said...

Erin, do you take your own pictures, because they are really cute!