Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trevors 2nd Birthday

Trevor's birthday came and the day went too fast, just as the past 2 years have. He woke up and played a bit. We dressed him in his birthday shirt my sister ordered him and took his picture at 8:18am, the minute he was born. :)

We took a quick trip to get donuts and a balloon. We let him choose ANY balloon. There were huge $15 ones that talked every time you hit it. Trevor chose the tiny one attached to a stick. My wallet thanked him.

We dropped my car off to be detailed and were on the road to our first stop. We wanted to do something fun and new and decided on Make a Messterpiece. It was $15 for 2 play stations, along with 3 stations open to all kids. We had a ton of fun.

This was bubble painting. You put your paper in the middle and pushed a big red button to make colorful bubbles come out.

This was ball painting and his favorite!

Holding up his 2 fingers..or trying to.

This was the drumming station. It was like Blue Man Group for little kids and it was adorable.

We stopped by my parents and picked up his balloons. He did not want his picture taken with them.

Trevor napped all afternoon and we woke him up to go to dinner at the Choo Choo Restaurant. We haven't been in about 6 months and he is very into trains now, so it was perfect.

After the restaurant, we had some friends and family by for cake and presents. We set Trevor's up while he was napping, so we came home and they were all ready.

The drums are from us and he is crazy about them!

He did awesome opening his gifts. He would hold them up for us to see and he didn't fight me when I would move something to the side so he can open the next one.

It was such a great day. Tom and I were lucky enough to be off work this year and last. Trevor will always have the day off, due to Veterans Day. You're welcome, son.

The celebrating continued and we had a Bears party on Sunday. This Saturday, we are doing a family party for Trevor and Tyler, who turns 3 this Friday.

Now, we need to find somewhere to put all of these toys..


Life in the Dub Lane said...

How sweet! It looks like it was a perfect way to celebrate such a wonderful little life! Happy 2nd Birthday TREVOR!

Stace said...

Happy Birthday Trevor!!! :) And I have to come visit with Colby-- he'd love the Messterpiece place! Oh and he'd love the Toy Story birthday shirt. Those boys are seriously exactly the same!