Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Trevor Boy

Trevor, my Trevor. This kid couldn't be any better. I seriously look at him and wonder how we got so lucky. There have been some "notable" happenings lately, so I thought Id write them here.

*At Thanksgiving, my cousins new-er fiance was there and my Mom was telling her about the kids. She said, "Yes, Trevor and Tyler..Trouble" Trevor looked up and said, "We not twouble!"

*He has been playing with my belly lately. He will kiss it and tickle it and play hide and seek with brother. If you ask if there is a baby in his belly, he says yes!

*Trevor always wakes up happy, but today, he was yelling for me and I couldn't quite make out what he was saying. I walked into his room and he said, "Mama, my pants fell down! My pants fell down!" He had on two piece jammies that are size 3T. Apparently they're still a bit big.

*He has been crazy for books lately. Ive been trying to cut some TV time out of the day, which is tough with the winter coming. Instead of putting on a little show before bed, we have been playing or reading. Last night, we read about 10 books and he sat and enjoyed each one. He is in love with his Snappy Sounds pop up books. However, he wont let you read just one. You have to read all 6 that he owns for him to be satisfied.

*He is loving Christmas so far! We look for lights when were driving, listen to Christmas music in the car. His fave songs so far are Drummer Boy and Jingle Bells. We decorated over the weekend and he loves looking at the ornaments. He met Santa at the mall and didnt cry. He says Ho, ho, ho and jiggles his belly like Santa.

*Yesterday, at Hallmark, he was asking me a question about the recordable books. A woman stopped and asked how old he was. I told her and she was so surprised. She said she works with 2 year olds and his language is very advanced. My heart filled with pride. Tell me my kid is cute and I will agree..tell me he is advanced in development and I feel like were doing something right. :)

*We have a new thing where we go back and forth saying, I love you so much. I will say it and then he will say it back. Sometimes, its, I love you the most. I love hearing it all day long.

*I signed him up for a My Gym session when they ran a Groupon for it. Normally, I would never pay $17 for each class, so when I saw they had 4 classes and a lifetime membership for $49, I bought it. He has been doing it Monday mornings and he LOVES it. I feel terrible now, but there's no way I will sign him up to continue. He has one last class next week. He loves the monkey on the walls and now knows how to flex his muscles.

*I am hoping to get a few passes to fun places this Christmas, rather than more toys. Our children's museum pass expires in Feb, we will need a new zoo pass and one to the arboretum would be great. Even movie tix or a day pass to a local kids play place..we are filled to the max with toys after this birthday. And those are the gifts that keep on giving. I will sign him up for a few classes before baby comes..I think swim again and an ABC class on Fridays. We will see, once I figure out my work schedule.

*He is finally back to being cooperative at brushing his teeth. He did awesome from a young age and then a few months ago, he started fighting it. Now, he sits right down, lets us brush and then brushes himself. Ahh, its bliss.

*He has been a little under the weather for a few days. Tom is taking him in this afternoon to have his ears and lungs checked. Saturday night he was super warm and coughing a ton, so I pulled him into bed with me. He slept like a rock next to his Mama. But, that kid sure moves a lot. I woke up here and there and at one point, he was up against the headboard with his butt in the air. I'm glad he got some great sleep that night and I loved waking up next to him.

*Trevor is not very concerned about our daily plans. If we are getting dressed, he asks where we are going. He asks about 100 times while in the car. He also wants to know where Daddy is, when he is not with us.

*Here are some more of his 2 year old pictures. The last set I am saving until after we send out our Christmas cards. :) I cant stop wondering if Squishy baby will look just like him!


Lindsay said...

He is so handsome! What a cute smile! I wish we had fun places to take the kiddos where we live, but we don't, totally sucks!

Jodi said...

How sweet! My twins fight alot maybe the role of big brother will cause him to act generously towards his little brother. They are so good if they are alone but together yeowzas!

Stace said...

"Tell me my kid is cute and I will agree..tell me he is advanced in development and I feel like we're doing something right. :)" DITTO :)