Monday, November 21, 2011

Too Much

There is so much going on right now, I cant even think straight. Weve had work, extra work, my Uncle passed away(more on that later), Toms buddy with cancer was told theres nothing they can do, were waiting on the appraisal for the house, more celebrating for Trevors birthday, Tylers birthday, the beginning of Christmas shopping, minimal sleep, etc!

Here are some pics from the two other birthday celebrations we had. We had some friends over for a Bear game the weekend of his birthday. It was an absolute blast. This past Saturday, we had a family thing for both boys and that was great too. He is now a professional present opener and our house is toyland.

This is Trevors bff-Logan. He is 9 days younger. :)

Now, about my Uncle. My cousin got married last August. He is older-42 and his wife is 41. They went straight to IVF and were due with a girl Dec. 4th. My Mom called me on Thursday and said she was getting induced that day due to low fluid. She ended up having a c-section and baby girl is perfect. This baby is my Uncles granddaughter. He went to the hospital Friday and held her for a while. As he was leaving the hospital, he dropped dead. Like, collapsed and was gone before they had a second to help him. How crazy is that? I am not a big believer in fate and I hate the saying of its meant to be..but, I cant help but think that baby girl knew she had to come out so her Grandpa could hold her. His wake is tomorrow and funeral Wednesday. I feel terrible for my cousins, who had the happiest day on Thursday and 24 hours later were planning their fathers funeral. At least he got to meet that little girl..

Now, I need to go try to cheer my husband up. This will be a challenge. :/


Ashley said...

Wow! I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle. I can't even begin to imagine what your cousin is going through!

Erin said...

What an awful and terribly sad story. I will be praying for your family.

Nichole said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle and I do believe in fate. Looks like a great party and lots of fun had by all.

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle! Cute birthday cakes and so many parties, i bet Trevor enjoyed them all! By the way Go Hawks! I see your hubby wearing an Iowa shirt! :)

Christina said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle! What a sad story.