Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Measuring Behind

I had an OB appointment this morning. It seems like I go and have zero questions, or I have a list of them. Today, I had a list.

I asked about the prescription prenatals Id been taking. They're $15 for a 30 day supply. She said they're not necessary and any prenatal would be fine. Great!

She confirmed I have a yeast infection. Not so great. I started monistat tonight.

I asked about how late I can travel. We were invited to go to Florida in late January, nearly free of charge. We decided(after looking at outrageous flight costs!) that its just cutting it too close. We just may be stuck in IL until we are a family of 4.

I told her about my lack of sleep. She said I could take Benadryl. A small amount, about 25 mg. The only liquid one at the store was children' I bought that. I wont try it out until this weekend. I have never taken anything to help me sleep, so I have no clue how it will affect me.

The biggest talk of the appointment was my size. I have only gained 4 lbs according to their scale. Plus, my belly was measuring behind. She didn't say how much behind, just that we would monitor it closely. I explained that I only gained 20 lbs with Trevor and he was almost half of that! The only difference is that he never measured behind. It makes me a little nervous. I have to wait 4 weeks and hope that little man has caught up by then! If not, I'm sure they will do a growth ultrasound. The only thing giving me peace of mind is that he measured spot on 4 weeks ago at my 20 week ultrasound. The thought of having a small baby after delivering the big kahuna that is T, makes my mind spin!

Tom is nervous. He kept trying to get me to call and ask how far behind I am. He watched me eat my dinner and has been pushing ice cream in my face. Haha

I made my 28 week appointment and got the orders for my glucose test. I cant believe we are that far into this pregnancy! In a matter of 3 days, in December, Ill have both appointments and we will do our hospital tour. We are at a different hospital than I had Trevor at and I want to know where my baby will be if he is ever in the nursery. And I might as well see where the NICU is because you just never know.

I also scheduled Trevor a big brother class for January. Its just 30 minutes on a Saturday and its made for kids younger than 3. He is supposed to bring a stuffed animal and they will explain how to treat a new baby.

3 and a half months to go until he is here..still surreal.


Amber said...

I measured behind with Drake at one appointment and then at the next measured right on. Hoping it's the same for you. You do look tiny, but nothing that looks concerning. If you only gained 20 with Trevor, I would think you'll gain about the same with this one. Of course, I have the opposite problem. My NP told me to try to only gain 25-30 since I gained 45 with Drake! :-)

Meagan said...

I'm sure everything is fine! That's awesome they have a big brother class for kids that age!

Karen said...

Erin, I read alot, but almost never comment. I just wanted to say don't worry, even though that is hard. I carry small too. My first was only 5.9 at birth (40 weeks). I'm currently pregnant with my second and they are watching him closely, but my doc just thinks I have small babies. I am the same with weight gain as you are too, and my husband is the same way:) Anyway, I hope everything goes well and I love your blog!

Veronica said...

I was VERY behind with my second. My first was HUGE (8lbs 6oz) and I gained 30lbs with him. My second by 20 weeks I had only gained a few pounds. I have a growth ultra sound done around 26 weeks and all looked good. He was growing- I just wasn't gaining! He came out at 38 weeks at 7lbs 2oz. Perfectly healthy size! The entire pregnancy I only gained 24lbs. I am sure your little boy is JUST fine!

Juliann said...

It too could be the way the baby is positioned.

Nicole said...

If it's really bugging you go to the retail ultrasound studio and get baby measured! We all know that it's probably fine and you don't need to worry since discrepancies can be normal and what is measuring "on" is just an average anyway, meaning some people were bigger and some were smaller at that same point. (That's me telling you that I too think you probably shouldn't worry and that Baby is just hunky-dory in there!).
But I also understand that worry is just inherent... to motherhood, to pregnancy, and especially to infertility. So do what you gotta do! If it's really driving you nuts, go for the U/S at fetal fotos. Good luck! Hope the benadryl is helping with the zzzzz

Lauren said...

Hey Erin...I just wanted to let you know I measured 4 weeks behind through my whole pregnancy and ended up with a 8lb 12oz little girl! I gained 30 lbs, so I was definitely in the range for normal. I had many growth u/s's throughout my pregnancy which all told me I was having a normal sized baby, but they were definitely wrong that she would be that big! Best of luck