Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Activities

We had the BEST Halloween this year. Honestly, by the time Monday rolled around, I was kind of sick of the holiday. We had six activities this year and wore 3 costumes! I bought an owl costume(my fave, you will die!) at Spirit. I figure this is the last year I get to choose what he is so I wanted something cute and cuddly. We used my nephews old monkey costume twice and my sister wanted Tyler and Trevor to match so we grabbed monster costumes for $8 on clearance at the last minute. With so many places to wear the costumes, I'm glad we had some variety.

He wore the monkey to boo at the zoo. We went with 3 other families and had so much fun. I love having friends with kids. I always stop to think how grown up it makes me feel. :) Here are the kids, all boys!, at the zoo. 3/5 are monkeys! He also wore this to trick or treat in downtown Naperville. I didn't take a single picture because it was chaos! It was so crowded and windy, we only stayed about 45 minutes.

Trevor wore his owl costume to Delaney's Halloween birthday party a few weeks back. I have to go off topic for a second here-So, Delaney's birthday is the 24th and my sister has always thrown her a Halloween party. This year, she gave her to choice to have the Halloween party or a school friend party at the local jumpy place. Delaney went back and forth for weeks and decided to have the school friends. She had that party on Friday night. On Saturday, my sister had her Uncle take her out shopping and we all gathered for a surprise, bonus Halloween party. She pulled up in the car, tons of her friends and family lined up in costumes. She was beaming from inside the car. She got out, crying, wrapped her arms around my sister and said, "Thank you, Mommy!" It was the sweetest thing. My tough as nails, 6 year old niece, was so appreciative. It got everyone teary eyed. She ran inside to get into her costume and the party was ON!!

Anyway, Trevor was a hit in his costume. Yes, those are Tom shoes. He is a very hip boy.

We went to a local park districts party last week. We did some indoor trick or treating, crafts, games, a cookie walk and had a snack. It was very cute and again, people went nuts over his costume. He was the youngest one there and blended well with the big kids!

Trevor wore his warm monster costume to another themed birthday party the Saturday before. He was so excited when we bought it and wanted to put it on in the store. His obsession for monsters is out of control!

Getting monster tips from one of his fave books..

Halloween was such a blast. Trevor took a nice long nap and we waited for Tom to come home. We drove over to my sisters where all the kids were ready to go. Trevor totally knew what to do. Delaney and Brady were super helpful too. Some of the houses had a lot of stairs; they would grab a piece and save Trev the trip up! Sam brought me hot chocolate, so me and Squishy were extra happy. Tom snuggled Rylan, it wasn't too cold, we ordered delicious pizza, the night couldn't have been better.

Last, but not least, Rylan in her pumpkin costume. I got my sister addicted to Etsy..oops. ;)

Next up in this house? TREVOR'S 2ND BIRTHDAY! One week left of my one year old...


Michelle said...

I can't get over how awesome that owl costume is! Our little boy was a monster too... just like Trevor! I LOVE IT!!

Kay said...

I love the owl costume, though I would say the little monster costume is a very close second. Very cute!

asrubin10 said...

Where is that owl costume from?!?

Amber said...

I LOVE the monster costume...SO cute!

Nicole said...

Man next year I need to get C a bunch of costumes instead of just one, I loved the variety!
I'm with Trevor and like the monster costume best, though they are all adorable! I'm a sucker for that shade of blue.
Thanks for the comment :)
What's up with Evan? Does she know what she's having?
PS-What kind of camera do you have? You always have such great pics

Stace said...

I love the owl costume but Colby got SUPER excited when he saw the monster! :)