Saturday, November 12, 2011

24 Weeks!

How far along? 24 Weeks!! aka SIX months pregnant!
Total weight gain/loss: 8 pounds
Maternity clothes? Always pants, shirts are about 50/50
Sleep: Not happening and its starting to wear on me. I have these nasty dreams and toss and turn all night.
Best moment this week: Big brothers birthday
Movement: All the time!!
Food cravings: Ice cream, I may or may not have 5 different flavors in my freezer right now..
Gender: A boy! That remains nameless.
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button in or out? In, but changing
What I miss: Sleep!
What I am looking forward to: Holding him! Its going to be here before we know it!
Weekly Wisdom: If you go to Target on a Saturday night, expect to toss a few unnecessary food items in your cart. ;)
Milestones: Viability!

Any advice on the sleep? I have a snoogle so my body is more comfortable. Its whats going on in my head that I cant turn off! I plan to ask the OB on Wednesday if there's anything I can take to see if it helps.

I have been getting lots of comments about how small I am. I remember feeling this way with Trevor and then BAM, I was huge.

I need a bigger diaper bag for 2 boys that will need food/drinks/diapers. Anyone love their diaper bag?

Im excited to spend the holidays pregnant. Part of me wishes he was here to spend them with us, but he needs to bake a while longer and we can enjoy him next year.

Im having tons of thoughts on baby #3(or #4 if you count the miscarriage). That's a whole 'nother post..


Kelly said...

I have a OiOi diaper bag and it fits all 3 of my kids 'crap' in it...I love it!

link to my diaper bag:

Stace said...

Next baby already? I am so there with you.

Sleeping... when I was on bedrest in the hospital they always offered me a sleep aid. I think it was ambian that was safe. Ask your doc... there is definitely something you can take.

You look great! Congrats on 24 weeks, but keep on cooking!

Kay said...

I think your just blessed with being cutely pregnant. You know, the ladies that are tiny with just a pregnancy bump.

I wish I had some advice on the diaper bag, as I also have 2 kiddos. But I usually just toss what I need in my purse since I'm BFing and the toddler can just eat whatever I'm eating now. Makes it easy.

Alicia said...

I had a Skip Hop Duo Deluxe. At least I think that's what the diaper bag is called. It fit on my double maclaren perfectly and was the perfect size for a 2.5 year old and newborn. The 2.5 year old was still in diapers so I was carrying 2 sizes of diapers for awhile. Good luck! You look great!

Amy said...

I have been through several diaper bags with my twins. I have finally found a bag that I am happy with each time we go out. I have a Ju Ju Be BFF (and several other JJBs).

Good luck with your decision. I love bags!

Kaci said...

You look adorable!

Mrs. B said...

A Ju Ju Be Packabe or BFF. Best diaper bags ever and wipe clean if the get dirty or you can throw them in the washing machine.

LORI said...

I took Ambien with Bree...I know Ev did too with the trips.

My Vera diaper bag carries a ton and it's washable which is super awesome. I think the older design is bigger (that what I have...more rectangle shaped). You can still get it on eBay.

Jodi said...

I think you can also take benedryl.

Jaclyn said...

I have the Petunia Pickle Bottom weekend bag that I use as my diaper bag and I LOVE it!! :)