Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, TMR!

Trevor Michael-

Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet boy! I find it hard to believe that you have been in our life for 24 full months. And yet, I have no clue what we did before that day! This past year has been nothing short of perfect. You make an ordinary day extraordinary, just by being you.

You have gone from a crawling one year old and have become a walking, climbing, running, fast two year old! You love going to the park and have mastered every kind of ladder, rock wall and rope course. You like going down the slides, but always ask to be caught. You do not care for the baby swing. You will tolerate the big swing on my lap for a few minutes. You do enjoy the big swing by yourself, as long as I dont push too high. We try to stop at a park even for 30 minutes on a nice day. We have a long winter ahead of us and we want all the outside time we can get. You are so funny about the weather. You immediately tell me if its raining out. If its windy, you like to wear a hat or hood. You tell me you're cold and to put the air on in the car. Don't worry, I know you mean warm air. I wonder what you will think of snow this year.

You talk. All day long. Strangers always comment on your speech. You speak in full sentences. You will repeat yourself until we understand. You recently started asking why questions. If I ask you a question, you will often say, Be-tuz(because). Daddy will ask you about your day when he gets home and you are very accurate to tell him what we did. Your memory is impeccable. Last week, we were about to pull into the YMCA parking lot for swim class. You shrieked and said, I go swimming, Mama. I see the baket-ball. You recognized the building we walk into and you know we always pass the basketball games and have to stop and see. I asked you what you wanted for dinner when we were getting dressed and you said pizza. Yes, son, we always have pizza on swim night.

Speaking of swim, you are our little fishy! You love the water and are fearless. You like to dunk your head under and can hold your breath for about 15 seconds. You enjoy your bath every other day. We always make it fun with toys and music and bubbles.

You are learning a lot right now. ABCs, colors, shapes and numbers. Your favorite color is blue and you know your name starts with T. You get about half of your colors/shapes right. You can count to 11 and you can sing your ABCs. You recognized letters everywhere and point them out to me.

Trevor, you love books. We have been reading to you since you were very small and it has paid off. You enjoy our bedtime stories, but sometimes you will stop playing with toys and just sit and ask to be read to for a while. You will read to yourself, too. You have a few favorites, Goodnight laugh at the part with the wife's eyes open. You are obsessed with your two monster books. You can recite one from start to finish. You have moved onto the bigger hardcover books more than the board books. Oh, and the lift the flap books and pop up books are loved very much.

You are still my rockstar sleeper. You go to bed between 7:30-8pm. You brush your teeth, get a few stories, get nah-nee(pacifier) and your Bear and you are out. You still sleep in your crib. You move a ton while you sleep. You still haven't tried to climb out of your crib, so I think we will keep you there for a while. You get up anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30. You wake up with a smile and call for me. Recently, I have been pulling you into bed with me and we snuggle before we start our day. You leave nah-nee and bear in your crib and we start our day together. You take a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. You are very flexible as to when you go to sleep. It could be 11:30am or as late as 1pm. You love your sleep. You can be in the middle of playing your favorite game and if I ask if you want to go to bed, you drop what you're doing and are ready.

You love music, Trev. You enjoy playing with your instruments. You listen to your CD's in the car. It amazed me how quickly you can pick up lyrics. You will listen to a song one time and when its done, I hear you singing it in the back seat! Your current favorites are Hakuna Matata, Elmos song, Baby Beluga, Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, etc. Daddy started to whistle the tune of a song and you fill in the words!

You have a lot of favorite toys right now. You love trains. You are doing a ton of pretend play. You cook on your grill. You like building towers. You can sit and play with "guys" like a big boy. You really entertain yourself. Yet, you play well with other kids and sometimes you ask one of us to get down on the floor and play too.

You are very polite and it makes Mama so proud. You say please and thank you. If someone is in your way, you say excuse me. Daddy taught you to say bless you when someone sneezes.

You are such a compassionate boy. If a baby or child is crying, you tend to them and say, "it okay, baby." If someone is hurt, you are there as fast as you can. The funniest thing is when I stub my toe or trip on something, you drop to the floor to kiss anywhere that hurts. The other day, I said I had a headache. You ran to me as fast as you could and said, "I tiss it, Mama." You like when we return the favor. If you get an ouchie, you want it kissed as soon as possible. You're starting to like having a cold pack when you get hurt. You've only needed bandaids a few times and aren't obsessed with those yet.

There are certain characters you've grown to love. You like Curious George and the Cat in the Hat. Of course, you love all things Disney. Nemo and Dory are huge. You watched Lion King for the first time this week and you went nuts over it. We let you watch a 30 minute show after you get up, before breakfast. Usually, we let you watch a bit before bed. For a few months, Mama and Daddy were catching up on a series called Lost. We wouldn't watch it in front of you, but may have been turning it off after a nap. You started to request Lost as your show and it was so funny. We let you sit and finish an episode and sure enough, you sat and enjoyed it.

You are a pretty good eater. You love almost all fruit and eat some at every meal. Vegetables are rare. Breakfast is the easiest, you love waffles, cereal, oatmeal, everything. You eat a lot of pasta and chicken. Its always exciting when we come across something new you love. Fish sticks was the most recent. You're our little dipper. You love every type of condiment..ketchup, mustard, sour cream, cream cheese, barbeque sauce. And yes, you love pickles. For dessert, ice cream is a favorite and you could always go for a lollipop.

You have a great relationship with your cousins. You light up when you see them. You still bully Tyler a bit, only because he lets you get away with anything. You are sweet with Rylan and always give her kisses. You adore Mikey and Brady and follow them around every chance you get. You love Delaney too, you always let her carry you around. She is like your second Mommy.

I love watching you with our family members. You have brought so much joy to everyones life. You make family events more fun and keep everyone laughing at you. Yes, you like attention.

We are a very active family and rarely have free time. We always try to take advantage of our time together and explore fun places. Summer is our favorite time, since we can enjoy everything outside and we basically live at the cottage. You love the cottage and know anything goes while we are there.

Daddy and I try to give you a lot of opportunities to be active. You took gymnastics most of the year, swim class in the winter and you recently joined a soccer class. You love to shoot hoops at home and are quite the tumbler. I think Daddy wants you to be a football player and has been practicing tackling with you.

We went on a few family vacations this year. We went to the Dells in December. You and I flew down to Georgia to visit your friends, AB&C in January and again in August. I cherished those quick trips with you. In October, we took a week long, family vacation to Southern California. Daddy and I had the best time with you! You were an amazing traveler and had so much fun at all the parks we visited. It was a little bittersweet coming home, as we knew it was the last time we would be alone on vacation.

We've been a family of 3 for a while now and come February/March, we will welcome your little brother. Daddy and I were so excited when we found out our new baby was a boy. You are lucky to be given a brother close in age. You will be the best of friends, I am sure.

I have such big dreams and hopes for your life, Trevor. I promise to stand by you every single day for the rest of my life. No one will ever love you more than I do. You will always be my baby.

Thank you for making me your Mama and making all of my dreams come true!


PS-Your birthday this year is 11/11/11. As if you werent cool enough already..;)


Pete, Alison, Charlie & Rosie said...

Happy Birthday Trevor! Hope you have a lovely day! We always love reading about what you have been getting up to. Your mum is right though - time flies by so quickly - our big boy Charlie turned eight last week, and out new little love, Rosie, is already a month old. Where do those days go?! Many happy returns, little man - Charlie says he hopes you get as many presents as he did! :-) x

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday, Trevor!

April said...

Happy Happy Birthday Trevor!!!

Jillian said...

Happy Birthday Trevor!!!!!

Kaci said...

Happy Birthday Trevor!

Allison said...

Happy Birthday Trevor!! I can't believe our boys are growing up so fast! :(

Stace said...

I love the letter. :) Trevor sounds so much like Colby it's crazy. :)

Happy Birthday (a few days late) to your little miracle boy!