Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We went to Seaworld on the Friday of our vacation. We had to fax over the house papers from the hotel and then we were off. First, we went to feed the dolphins because they only offered it twice a day. Trevor didn't want to feed them himself, but he thought they were pretty cool.

The whole day, we would see a few animals and then see a show. Repeat times 2. Trevor loved the penguins, any fish that resembled Dory or Nemo and the Beluga whales. That's still one of his favorite songs.

Here, he is showing the sea turtle his turtle tattoo :)

The first show we saw was the sea lion/otter show. They couldn't get the second sea lion to go off stage, so he was part of the show even though he shouldn't have been. It was pretty funny and they did a good job just going with it. My favorite part is the cute litter otters popping in and out.

After that, we did run straight to get a seat for the Shamu show. I wanted Trevor to grasp how big they were, so we sat toward the back of the soak zone. The show was awesome, even with them not getting in the water with the whales. We made it to the very end and then got one huge splash and got soaked. Trevor did not care for that.

We went to the Elmo play land next. Trevor jumped around and had fun with some other kids for a while.

We went to the arctic area and saw the -luga's(as Trevor calls them), polar bears and penguins.

Trevor fell asleep after that and we decided to go on the sky tram. He stayed asleep as we got on, but he woke up quickly. That day, he only got about a 20 minute nap and he was still such a good boy.

San Diego is just beautiful!

The next show was very good! It had dolphins, birds, tons of acrobats and pilot whales. We also saw a pet show with dogs, cats, a kangaroo, pigs, etc. and that was a big hit!

Tom and I both thought we like the Seaworld Orlando a little bit better, but we still had a great time. Can you tell I was lazy with the camera this day? Too much water for my comfort zone..;)

In other news, we had the inspection of the house tonight and it seemed to go well. Now we finish up with the mortgage documents and hope to close on November 15th!


Mommy & Daddy said...

Hey there! You have such an adorable family! Can't wait to see your new little joy!

How is your friend that has the triplets?

Tracy said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome trip! It makes me so excited to take our girls there too hopefully soon! You are such a cute pregnant mama and your family is just sweet! Congrats on the house too!! So happy for you!!