Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pumpkin Farm

Here are the pics from our annual trip to the pumpkin farm. My oldest nephew had a friend over for the weekend and didnt come with. It made me very sad to be missing a piece, but we had our hands full with the other 5.5. :)

It was chilly and Rylan loved my sling. She would fall asleep instantly and there was no doubt she was warm enough! Brady told me her and the baby in my belly must have been having a conversation.

They added a few new rides this year, which were a big hit!

Our fave place, the petting zoo!

We had lunch and then saw the pig races. Laneys pig won, again. She wins every single time we go.

On to the hay ride..

The best pic I could get of all 5

Trevor was not feeling pics at this point, he was tired. I hope to get some with my new lens when we go apple picking tomorrow!

This was new too, a corn pit!

This pic makes me heart melt. Tom was put on this Earth to be a Daddy. My kids Daddy. <3


Amber said...

I am totally impressed that you took 5 kiddos to the pumpkin patch! I think I would be so overwhelmed.

Drake LOVED the corn bin at our local pumpkin farm, too.

Triple Threat said...

Love that this is a tradition for you guys! Next year you'll have even more kids to bring with you and I'm sure that's part of the fun!! Love the pictures and hope you're feeling well.

SRB said...

What kind of sling is that?!

Stace said...

So much fun! :) I love the pictures... and randomly, I can't believe how big Tyler is! I feel like you were just posting pictures of your sister having him... and he looks exactly like Brady! Next year there will be another little one in the mix!

So excited to hear about your California trip. Colby only went for a long weekend with Johnny to visit Johnny's brother who is in the Air Force before he deploys. They spent their time in LA and on Edwards AF Base... nothing too exciting.