Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marathon Announcement

So, on Sunday the 9th, Tom ran the Chicago marathon for the 2nd year in a row! It was about 85 degrees and way to hot, AGAIN! I filled my car up with some great friends and we left the suburbs at 6:30am to drive downtown and support Tom. None of our friends knew the sex of the baby, so we had a shirt made to share the news. We waited at the 2 mile marker and after searching for what felt like forever, I heard Brian yell, ITS A BOY!!, as I was chasing Trevor. Tom ran by quick, everyone hugged and congratulated me and Trevor and I was relieved we could finally talk about him. :) Just then, a girl walked over and said, "I read your blog! I said earlier that it would be so funny if I saw Tom!" I said a quick hello and was back to chasing Trevor. Tom heard her yell, "I read your wifes blog!" from the crowd. Small world out there..

We walked toward the 13 mile marker and talked about baby boy. We stopped at my friends dads office and relaxed and wasted some time. We went to mile 13, after dodging through the runners(which is very difficult to do with a stroller) and saw Tom pretty quickly. He was all smiles but I could tell he was hurting. He joked about wishing he had done a half marathon..exactly what he said last year. He gave kisses and kept running!

We had quite the journey to get to mile 22. We met up with Toms mom and sisters, who saw him at mile 16 and were finally in the know about baby boy. We walked many blocks and took the el over to the southside. It was hot for the spectators and the running looks miserable. It was a great place to go and cheer because at that point, they really need it. We found Tom again, who had major leg cramps and wanted some fruit. We offered him some of Trevor's smoothie. We told him to finish strong and we would see him at the end.

We planned to meet at Buckingham fountain like last year, but they gated it off. It was chaos with too many people and we were all exhausted. Tom ended up asking to use someones cell phone and we met by the open fire hydrant. He finished at 5 hours, 42 minutes. He was annoyed with the heat and leg cramps. He had to walk a lot after mile 15. But, he finished and I am damn proud. He said he wants to run next year. His exact words were, "I want to RUN the marathon, not have the marathon RUN me." Haha

Trevor was such a rockstar the whole day. He took a quick nap in the stroller, snacked, sprayed the runners with a squirt bottle and had fun. I was thankful for my friends who came to help out. We calculated that we walked about 6 miles in total, I wad really dragging by the time I had to drive home.

We came home, Trevor took a real nap and Tom and I layed on the couch for quite a while. I finally had to get up and finish packing and cleaning and getting ready for the next morning. I set my alarm for 3:30 am..that was painful. But I got everything done and hit the bed, hard.


Jill said...

This is seriously so cute! I love that you did it this way and I love that you had some blog love too! So cute!

I love that you're having another boy too! That will be so sweet!

Bryan and Leslie Clark said...

Hi Erin! It's me. The weirdo blog reader who looks like a stalker. :) My husband finsihed right around the same time Tom did so they should have run together! When I told him about seeing you and Tom he was so embarrassed. He said, "No you didn't Leslie. That's so weird." I was just so excited that I couldn't help it! It WAS super hot and we had the same plan for post race that failed. Booo

Cori said...

Your Hubby is a a rockstar!!! I can't even imagine running 26 miles! I love the shirt too! You guys are too cute!

Wifey said...

What a great idea, very cute! Congrats to Tom, that is a huge feat!!

Workman Family said...

I came across your blog through my girlfriend, Megan and We Have the Golden Ticket. Cute blog!! We live the suburbs too! Congrats to your husband for running the marathon and congrats on baby#2!!!

Isaac Dakota said...

I totally can sympathize with him! That's exactly how my marathon went a few weeks ago in Victoria. Great weather and no where near those temps, but I knew at mile 7 when my knees starting I was done for. Way to push through to the end. I wasn't pleased with my time either, but hey, how many people can say they have finished a marathon. Not many!