Monday, October 3, 2011

Dont Forget to Remember

My little boy will turn 2 in just over a month. I will never forget the moment I held him in my arms the first time. He was wrapped up tight, and the moment our eyes met, we were madly in love. I love having a son and adore the way he acts toward me.

I never want to forget the way he is..right now. He wakes up with a smile and asks for his milk. He snuggles with me in bed, taking over Daddys side. He tells me he loves me, even when I dont ask. He gets frustrated and asks me to fix it. If I get hurt, he kisses my ouchies. He wants me to make more trains go by. He tells me to dance along in the car. His hand fits inside mine, just right.

Today, as we walked outside after his haircut, Trevor noticed the moon. He was so excited and I took a moment to realize that I hung the moon for Trevor. I hung his moon.

And yet, he has done so much more for me. :)


Stace said...

My gosh, he looks so grown up in that second picture. He's absolutely adorable, Erin. A testament to your & Tom's hard work. I can't wait to see how he is as a big brother.

twondra said...

He's soooo big and so cute! And love the T-shirt. :)

Cori said...

He is so precious! He seems like such a happy boy! PS I CAN"T WAIT TO HEAR WHAT YOU'RE HAVING!!!!!!!!!!!!