Sunday, October 23, 2011


Wednesday, we headed to Disneyland! We got up, had breakfast at the hotel, checked out and drove to the park. It was HOT that day, ended up being 104 degrees! And it was super crowded, which I was not expecting. We still managed to have another great day.

We went right to the Haunted Mansion ride to get a fast pass. Because it is October, it had an extra long line. I didn't know that the mansion there is Nightmare before Xmas themed, it was so cool! We went on the Winnie the Pooh ride and then Tom went on Splash Mountain before it was time for our fast pass. Trevor was scared in Haunted Mansion, but he did not cry. He simply put his head on my chest and wouldn't lift it until we were off the ride.

We went in the Tiki Room and on the Jungle Cruise. We met Aladdin and Jasmine and decided to head to Toon Town to meet the characters before Trevor fell asleep.

On the way, we stopped at Pinocchio and Snow White. Then, we went on the Rodger Rabbit ride and the line was the longest we waited for! We finally arrived at Mickey and Minnies houses.

Trevor fell asleep, so Tom went on Space Mountain and I tried to stay in the shade and cool off. We went through at least 6 water bottles per day and Tom pushed me drinking a ton. I felt like we were running out of time, so after a little over an hour, we woke Trevor up and got in line for the Nemo ride. We felt bad, but he woke up to an ice cream, so it went a-okay!

Next, Tom and Trevor went on the car ride. I went up the exit ramp to watch them. As I stood there, unable to ride because I am pregnant, it occurred to baby boy is grown up. Trevor met the height requirement to ride with Daddy. I watched them interact while waiting in line. It made my heart break a little to think how recently he was a newborn and now he is riding rides without his Mama! They had a blast on the ride.

We went back to ride Its a Small World. That was by far, Trevor's favorite ride! He was singing along by the time we were at the end. He was happily yelling more!

Signing more, just to be sure we knew what he wanted!

We went by the castle to take some pictures before it got too dark.

I got stopped every 10 feet because of my shirt. Everyone said how cute it was and wanted to know where I got it. I have to admit, I love it too! It says Embrace your bump, in case its hard to read.

We ate a late dinner and went back to ride Small World again. We ran to ride Peter Pan and made it just in time. We went on Main Street so I could grab souvenirs. I got each of the kids something and somehow, we ended up only getting Trevor a light up Buzz and a zip up(that is ridiculously cute!) that he will get for his bday. We got Squishy his first stuffed animal, a Goofy! I felt bad for not getting more, but consider myself lucky that Trevor isn't at the age where he wanted everything!

We were so tired when we left and we still had to drive an hour to Toms Uncles house. We arrive at like 10:30 and Trevor and I went straight to bed.

Disneyland was wonderful. I had low expectations because everyone said world is so much better. I was pleasantly surprised at how great both Disneyland and Cali Adventure were. I am so glad we decided to go there during our trip.


Kahla said...

Great pictures and the shirt is adorable! Disney World no longer had Minnie and Mickey's houses, we will miss that! Did you know that Disney will provide you with free ice water? All you have to do it ask! Saves a ton!!

Ashley said...

Looks like a great day and your shirt is SO cute!

Mrs.Joe said...

Where DID you get the shirt? Trevor is so so cute!!!

Courtney said...

How fun! We live about 20 minutes from Dland and have annual passes. It would've been fun to 'bump' into you guys there. How random would that have been? Oh well, I'm super glad you had fun. It's a small world is Macie's favorite ride as well. She will then demand the song to be sung to her over and over. It's really very cute. I'm so glad you guys had fun. We've never been to DWorld, and we're hoping to make it some day, but I'm glad that Dland wasn't too much of a disappointment. It can be very crowded, so I'm glad you had fun!

Wifey said...

How fun! Love the pictures and love your shirt - that is awesome!