Friday, October 21, 2011

Days 1 & 2

We started our vacation by getting up at 3:30 am on Monday! I made Tom drink a couple of beers before we left, to thin his blood after the marathon. We packed the last few items and picked up our friends who live 2 blocks away, who drove us to the airport in our car. We had a lot to lug to the seat, stroller, 2 carry-ons and 3 full suitcases. Thank goodness Southwest has no baggage fees! Our first flight was at 6:05 am. The line to check in was way long and so was the security check. We literally walked up to our gate and boarded 2 minutes later. It was a full flight-actually, all of our flights were. It took about 3 hours to get to Phoenix. Trevor was great, we watched part of a movie, had some snacks, switched sitting on each lap. We landed about 30 minutes early and already had an hour layover before our next flight. Then, we found San Diego had some bad fog and we would be delayed another 30 minutes. Trevor was a trooper, running on very little sleep. All he wanted to do was pull around his backpack. It was so adorable and we got comments for it every 5 seconds.

We had some breakfast, Tom walked a lot, I peed a lot. The time went quickly and soon we were on our quick flight to SD. It was only about 50 minutes and as soon as we went up, we went down. :)

We finally arrived at 10:30 CA time. We had already been up 9 hours at that point! The weather was simply perfect and we fell in love instantly. We got our bags and took the shuttle to the rental car place. Unfortunately, we had to wait over an hour to check out! Everyone waiting there was very unhappy. It was the longest part of our day, for sure. We finally got our car and headed North to Anaheim! Trevor watched Letter Factory in the car. We were trying to keep him up so we could nap with him at the hotel. We flew to our destination and got there in just over an hour.

We grabbed some lunch and checked into our hotel. The room was a suite and we were totally spoiled. It had a kitchen area, sitting area and a nice bedroom. We layed Trevor down and took a family nap. It was glorious.

We got up, showered and wanted to get out for a few hours that night. We went to downtown Disney. Trevor was immediately going nuts over all of the characters pictures..I knew we made the right decision to go to Disney.

We ate, danced to the music, went in a few stores, and soaked in the surroundings.

Trevor was a dancing fool! He went on for nearly 30 minutes. He would pull one of us in to join him every once in a while.

We stopped at Target on the way back for juice boxes, milk and a few essentials. We went to bed and were so excited to go back to the park the next day!

We spent Tuesday at California Adventure. The weather was amazing, 82 degrees and sunny. We took the shuttle and got there right as it opened. There was a lot of construction going on, the Main Street and Carsland. We walked straight to the new Ariel ride.

Holding up a 1 for our first ride

Next was Toy Story. We knew the line would be long all day so we wanted to get it done early. We loved it!

We went on the ferris wheel and opted for the non-swinging gondolas. It was cool to see the whole park from the top. Carsland looks amazing and right out of the movie.

Trevor did great meeting the characters. I was expecting him to be pretty scared of them. He was hesitant at first and would want us to walk up with him. He cooperated for pictures and genuinely enjoyed them.

We went to the other side of the park to the Monsters Inc area. Its one of his favorite movies and he loved the ride.

We saw Muppets 3D and then went to the Beauty and the Beast show. Trevor fell asleep immediately, which worked out too well. We kept him sleeping afterward and Tom went on the water raft ride.

We went back to meet some characters before the Playhouse Disney show.

We went to turtle talk with Crush and stopped to have some dinner. We would snack all day and we also brought pb&j and our own drinks. It saved us so much money to only have to pay for one full meal a day.

Tom and I took turns riding Soarin, which Squishy loved. He was dancing to the music, it was adorable. We finished our night in the bugs land and went on the last 3 rides.

We were in the park from the minute it opened until the minute it closed. Trevor slept about 2 hours in total and blew us away with his mood. He had the best day and so did we!

We got back to the hotel and but Trevor in his crib. All of a sudden, we hear a little voice say, "Daddy? I sleep wif you guys?" HOW do you say no to that? We let him climb in with us and he slept like a rock. He was back in his nook like when he was a teeny infant. I woke up when my alarm went off and he still slept. Here he is around 8am. I was on the right of the bed moments before. I didn't mind him giving me little room..not one bit.

That day we went to Disneyland and I will post about that later!! I have our whole trip to catch up on. In addition, I have to talk about my 20 week ultrasound from Wednesday. Oh, and they accepted our offer on the house! We are waiting for the inspection and final contract..I'm not getting too excited yet..but it just may work out!


Melissa said...

Sounds like a great time! We have Letter Factory also and Cassie loves it. She knows all of the sounds the letters make and is actually starting to sound out words by herself. That is a great DVD!

Alicia said...

Yes, our Southern California weather is to die for. We love it here. Totally forgot you were coming to our neck of the woods, I would have met up with you. I mean I feel like I know you since I follow your blog! Glad you guys had a great time!

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...