Friday, September 9, 2011

Still Here

I'm still here, still alive and still pregnant. :) 15 weeks tomorrow, I cant believe how fast its going. With Trevor, my pregnancy consumed us. Its all we thought about, talked about, dreamed about. I often joke this baby is getting the shaft because were busy and I almost forget I am carrying another life inside me. Then I pull out my wonderful heartbeat doppler and grin from ear to ear, comparing how much stronger s/he got overnight.

We've been busy A certain little girl asked me and Tom to be her godparents.

I was super surprised and happy to walk into this at their house. They wanted to ask us together, but Tom was at work. So, they texted him a picture of her that said, "Get your suit and tie ready, Godfather!" I am honored to be her godmother, but even more excited that Tom gets to be her godfather. He really wanted it. And we get to do it special. Her baptism is October 23.

We spent a nice Labor Day weekend at the cottage. Friday it was hot and perfect for the beach. Saturday, it dropped 20+ degrees and we stayed that cool the rest of the weekend.

See those pink toes sticking out? Rylan had her first pedi from Auntie Erin.

Ive been trying to plan and book our trip to San Diego next month. Ive gotten great help from other bloggers!! We decided to extend the trip by a day and a half and squeeze in a trip to Disneyland. It seemed silly for us to fly across the country for only 4 full days of fun. The first day or two we will hang with Mickey and the rest of the week we will go to the zoo, SeaWorld, etc. in San Diego. We cant wait! I already started setting aside clothes and things we need to bring. I booked the rental car and now I need to decide on what tix we will get for everything else. Oh, and a hotel would be nice. Ive been watching prices and waiting for a sale. If anyone has any Disneyland/San Diego area tips they want to share, please email me at

Trevor started his swim class this week. We always sign him up for fall/winter to keep him loving the water. I also signed him up for a music class on Monday mornings. We start this Monday and I know he is going to love it!

I mentioned before that we find out the sex on October 3rd and wanted to share after the marathon on the 9th. We decided that Tom will actually wear a shirt that says Its a...for the marathon. Hopefully, this will get some of our family and friends out to support him.

I was really thinking the baby was a girl and now I am sure its a boy. Other than the nausea in the beginning, its been very similar to Trevor's pregnancy. I haven't gained any weight. I don't have a big bump. I get headaches. Only a few weeks until we know!

I am welcoming fall with open arms. I cant wait to take Trevor to the pumpkin farm, apple picking, boo at the zoo, etc. I want to eat soup and drink apple cider and paint my belly like a pumpkin.

Toms shift will change sometime in October and I'm really dreading it. I don't want to go back to working single Mama many days of the week. It was tough last time and this time I will be pregnant too.

No news on the house hunting. We tried to put an offer on a house and it temporarily went off the market for a repair. Its been almost 3 weeks and its still off. If we don't find something by November, we agreed to look for a bigger rental. I do not want to move in the middle of winter and we need more space before baby.

That about sums it up. Happy Friday, everyone!


Nikki said...

So fun to go to San Diego... We live about 45 mins from Disney Land... And have passes to Sea World, they just opened the new turtle reef... Very cool!

Suzy said...

I went to San Diego a year and took a little drive of about 45 minutes, and also went to Legoland! It was awesome!

Sarah said...

check San Diego sea world because I just read a blog who said they are on winter schedule and are only open certain days of the week

lklomicka said...

I'll try to email you more tips on San Diego. I was born and raised there. A couple quick tips:

1) Lots of Sunscreen

2) Bring a sweatshirt for the off shore breeze. It tends to cool down at night more suddenly than you realize.

3) Traffic. Lots and lots of traffic. Be prepared to spend a lot of time in the car. It doesn't matter what time of day or day of the week it is, there will be traffic on the freeways.

I am not sure all of the places you are planning on visiting, but there are great Outlets by Legoland. Which is also right next to the flower fields. (All of these are in Carlsbad). I'm not sure if the flower fields will be open this time of year, but you can check.