Sunday, September 25, 2011

In My Head

Im happy to report the pain has not come back and I have been feeling great!!

I feel the baby move every day now and I am loving every second. Tom is getting anxious to feel it too, a few more weeks!

I finally booked our hotels for CA, all that is left is buying our park tickets.

I went to a baby boy shower today; I will attend a baby girl (IVF baby!) shower next Sunday.

I love that Tom is so passionate about the Bears. I just wish they didnt let him down so much. ;)

Trevor is the most loving boy I have ever met. He constantly takes a time out from playing to come over and say, I love you, Mama.

There are 2 weeks until our vacation, we are counting down!

I cant believe October begins on Saturday! We are kicking off the month by taking all 6 kids to the pumpkin farm. Its our yearly tradition and I am so excited!

I have no clue what to dress Trevor as for Halloween. This may be the last year he lets me pick.

Ive been procrastinating planning his bday party. I wont do anything until I find out what Toms new shift is. I cant plan a party until I am sure Daddy can attend.

I am still wearing regular clothes. I still dont believe I am so small, especially the second time around.

I have been terrible at taking weekly pictures. I will take one tomorrow..I hope.

Trevors newest phrases are Be-tuz(because), what did you say?, my favorite, dont say that.

He got his flu shot a few days ago and didnt even cry.

I am super excited to give birth again. Nov 10-11th were the hardest hours of my life. Of course, they were the most rewarding.

I sit and fantasize about having this baby set on my chest and not whisked away. I didnt get that last time and darn it, I want it!

I adore my husband and am very lucky to call him mine.


Marcie said...

Vacation is gonna be sooo much fun!! I can't wait to see lots of pictures!