Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Names

I cant believe I am typing another baby name post. I remember when I did this with Trevor and I am so thankful to be stressing about choosing another perfect name for a perfect angel. I'm not sure if we will keep the name a secret once decided. We really loved doing that with T and I think we will try.

Our girl name options..

Hadley-the name we had for Trevor before we found out he was a boy! Still Daddy's favorite. It has grown in popularity lately due to a character in a book.
Reese-my current favorite. We talked about naming her Therese, so she can have a more formal name when she is older. I think we like just plain Reese, thought.
I like Irish names like Bridget and Maeve, but Tom isn't a fan.
Harper-I think it sounds super cute with Trevor, but it has become so popular too.

The middle name would likely be Elizabeth. I also like Ireland for a middle name. I would love to surprise my sister and use her name, Jeralyn, as a middle. But its tough to find something that sounds good with it!

Our boy name options..

Benett-Don't like the nickname Ben, so it may not happen.
Lincoln-Would call him Cole.
Madden-We keep bringing this one up, but its so different.

The middle name would probably be Thomas.

Lets see.. my rules when it comes to naming. Tom thinks I am crazy..

1-If we do another T name, all of our kids will have T names. Then we will be like the Duggars and have Tom, Erin and a bunch of T's.
2-I prefer names with 2 syllables, like Trevor. Its a bonus if it has 6 letters.
3-It has to be nickname friendly. We are huge nickname people.
4-The name has to be appropriate for a person at all stages of life..a baby, child, teenager and adult!
5-It can not end in -son, due to our last name. Or just -on, for that matter.

Opinions, please? I wont be offended. We are not in love with anything yet, (except Tom and Hadley), so I wont take it personally. :)

54 comments: said...

LOVE Reese for a girl. Our son, Evan, would have been Reese had he been a girl :) That said, I'm pregnant now and due in April, so this may be our Reese! Gavin was also on our boy's list the first time around - love it. I'm a fan of Sawyer (hello, Sawyer from LOST - love him), but my husband won't go for it. Those being said, Lincoln is actually our dog's name - though I've recently heard it for a couple baby boys. So much fun to choose names, good luck!

Breanna said...

I felt like I was reading my own name list! :)

We are still in the TTC stage, so unfortunately we aren't able to actually be excited about picking out names, but I absolutely love Harper and Hadley - those are two names I always talk about with my husband! :)

I am so happy for deserve this! :)

Ashley said...

for a girl I love Hadley Elizabeth

for a boy I would say Camden Thomas. I would stay away from Sawyer Thomas...Tom Sawyer, could get teased as a kid...but then again maybe not. Another boys name i love is Ethan.

juliane2004 said...

I absolutely LOVE your girl names. I love Hadley but I have a Hailey so I can never use it. Same with Harper, I love love love it, but I also want to avoid same letter ("H") names.

I also love Reese, but I personally would just go with Reese, not Therese.

Steph{anie} said...

Not that it really matters, but I'm secretly glad Hadley is still on the table. I loved it when you thought Trevor was a girl. Sawyer is my favorite name on your boy list. My boyfriend and I would like to use the name Sawyer eventually {although I love it for either a boy or a girl}.

Hilary said...

I love the names Hadley and Reese for a girl. I like Reese for as a boy name too. I LOVE the name Gavin and I think it would go really well with Trevor.

Shannon said...

You have a great list, Erin! I don't think you could go wrong with any of them. I think Elise would also be cute for a girl...Our girl due in December is going to be Grace Elise, so I am slightly partial, but I thought it would be cute for you to use an "E" name like you. I also like Graham for a boy and call him Gray. Two other names on our boy list were Beckett and Fisher. Good luck in your selection. This process can be stressful at times, but so much fun, too!

Kristal said...

We just named our second daughter Harper so I'm biased to say that is my favorite. I also struggled with it's growth in popularity and wanting to stray from that....we named our first Cambry a complete unknown. But we felt Harper still sounded very unique and loved it.

Though I will say a close second would be Hadley. :)

As for a boy I like the name Carl and Sawyer.

Kristal said...

Whoops not Carl...Cael

Emily said...

I love your names :)

I adore hadley - so pretty!

For boys I love lincoln and Sawyer. I find lincoln to be a bit of a tongue twister with your surname. Sawyer Thomas is perfect! 6 letters - 2 syllables :)

If your looking for completely different names how about Hollis, Lael, Piper, Ember or Megan for a girl. Ethan, Kyle or Nathan for a boy.

Congrats :) I have been following your blog since you were pregnant with Trevor - and am so please for your family!


Nicole said...

You have BOTH my son and my DH's names on your boy list!! I love you even more now! ;)

My hub was worried about a single syllable name being nickname-UNfriendly, but there's no need. My son's most popular nickname is Caelster- nicknames don't have to be a *shortened* version of the name.

If you're worried about trendy, Gavin seems to be pretty popular right now too. I also love Harper but agree with you about the trendiness worry.

On your boy list (other than my obvious faves of DH and Baby C), my faves are Sawyer and Bennett. I have a BIL named Bennett and he NEVER gets called Ben. Same with a SIL named Jennifer who is NEVER called Jenny. Generally, if you put your foot down about a nickname (the way my MIL would never allow anyone to call Jenn "Jenny") then it won't be a problem. I only ever had one person call my Nikki in my life, which is pretty good I think considering the common-ness of it for "Nicole".

I think Reese Jeralyn Robertson is beautiful!! I LOVE Reese (and Oakley) for a girl. But DH is not a fan (good thing we don't need to worry about that right now). Another unique name that a friend used this year for a girl was McCartney. I also think Hadley would just be so precious given the history with your first pregnancy.
Thomas and Elizabeth go with pretty much everything as middle names :)

Mrs.Joe said...

Love love love Hadley!! I would go with that name if baby is a girl! I love that you have rules for names, I do too and Mr. Joe thought I was crazy, but to me, naming someone is one of the biggest responsibilities we have as parents :-) I love all of your boy names, especially Sawyer. I can't wait to find out what you're having!!

Traci said...

I love the name Maeve and call her Eve or Evie!

e Daly said...


Irish names are a MUST in my family. We have a daughter named Rory Elizabeth and our boy name is Declan.

AHHH names are so fun. Can't wait to pick one again.

The Cretens said...

Our son's name is Cale and everyone who hears it loves it!

Colt and Ashley Byrom said...

So funny! We just had our 2nd boy and our original name was Bennett Thomas - but someone called him Benny and I did not like that;) so his name is Beckett Thomas!! That way if he gets a nickname it will be Beck!

Lindsey said...

I love Hadley... Of course, I have my own Hadley Kate (also an ivf baby!)! I also have an Audrey Caroline and a niece named Reese!

I have to ask... What book has a character named Hadley?

Best of luck to you!

Jessica said...

I love Reese - one of my closest friends has a Reese and she's awesome :).

If you consider Irish names, I love Mairen - I couldn't talk my husband into it, though. I also think Ryan is a great name for a boy or girl, I wanted to name Emma that but it's my brother's name and he said absolutely not unless it was a boy :).

Did you look on baby name wizard? You can put Trevor's name in and it suggests good sibling names - can't say I actually like them all, but here you go!


Kahla said...

I love Reese and Hadley. My friend just had a baby and named her Hadley. I haven't heard it a lot, but I teach third so if it's just getting popular they wouldn't be in school yet. I like different names though. Gavin and Camden are VERY popular, lots of those at our school. Love Sawyer and Bennett. Not big on Lincoln, sounds old. Good luck, I'm sure you'll find the perfect name for your perfect baby!

Once Upon A Time said...

My favs are Reese and Bennett. I think you should save Harper and Hadley for your twin girls down the road. :)

BabyWid said...

I love Hadley, it is super cute and so is Reese. I've always loved Reese, their are just so many people I know, naming their little girls Reese.
Lincoln is our top boy name so obviously I love that one! I also have always loved Sawyer. Madden is different but in a good way!!
Have fun deciding! Can't wait to see what you pick when you find out!

hend2330 said...

My boys are Jonathan, Alexander and Benjamin. We use their full names and don't "let" people call them nicknames (other than Xander that we use too). My husband is Jonathan also and only uses his full name.

Another Irish consideration--Maura. We have a cousin with that name and I think it is a great name for all ages.

Juani said...

Some boys' names I think go well with Thomas:

Daniel Thomas
Joel Thomas
Bradley Thomas
John Thomas
Charles Thomas

Some girls' names that could go well with Elizabeth:

Tiana Elizabeth
Tamika Elizabeth
Caliyha Elizabeth
Judith Elizabeth
Kayla Elizabeth

Good luck with the choice,I would have a really hard time choosing,since I am extremely bad at making up my mind ;)

kim_brough said...

GIRLS:Hadley is my boy cousin's name and he's 20 so it's hard for me to see that one as a girl, though I do like it. Rees is a family name for me, but it's minus the e at the end. Always liked Harper, but yes, it's popular now and that's a downer.

BOYS: I have a weird thing with y's in the middle of names so that counts a couple of yours out. I love love Madden. it's different but not so different that people can't look at it and figure out how it's pronounced (which prob wouldn't happen with Cael).

Good luck!

Just the 3 of Us said...

I love Reese and Madden.

April said...

I think you know my pick for the girl name! :):):)

Mama Laughlin said...

I can't believe you said Madden!
My husband and I had it narrowed down to Madden and 1 other name for our 2nd boy due in 8 weeks and we picked the other name.
But I'd never heard Madden before and certainly didn't think anyone else had either! Crazy!

Marcie said...

I LOVE the name Madden. You don't hear it much at all, I think that is why I like it so much!
All your girl names are pretty!
I know yall will make the best choice. I just love little Trevor's name! And it fits him so well!

Beth said...

I'm with, Tom. I love Hadley! Should we ever have another baby, and it's a girl, I love the name Karaden. I also have Camden in my list as well, along with a few others, so Karaden is just a suggestion. I don't have any boys names -- they are harder for me to come up with.

Veronica said...

Love the names!

If you want good Irish girl name that starts with T- how about Tarynn (or Taryn, Taren, ect.)That is my daughters name. It is uncommon and is a traditional Irish name :)

Jen said...

I love Reese for a girl and I think Madden is great for a little boy!!!

Peaches xx said...

i guess you have got the beckhams daughter being called harper... i think you should go for all your boys beginning with T and all your girls, with E. so... it has the meanings and everything. Theodore? you could shorten it to Teddy, or Theo, or Dory...
for girls i like the names Ebony, or Elana it means bright

Courtney said...

Those are fun names. You can't go wrong. I like Lincoln as well, but we have an 'aquantance' who's son's name is lincoln, and I don't know how I feel about that.
I had a thought though, I like Bennet, but if you don't like Ben, you could Barrett. I've always liked that name since I saw the movie D.A.R.Y.L. (80's movie about a kid who's really a robot - genious).
But really, very fun names!

Bec74 said...

Reese Ireland....LOVE IT!!!

Gavin Thomas....LOVE it!

Debbie said...

My oldest daughter is Madelyn Elizabeth. We just loved both names. When I was pregnant w my third, we didn't know the gender. I already had two girls, so I didn't want the third girl (we ended up having a boy) with an -a ending name, or a -lyn ending name. I was convinced it had to be a -y ending name. We eventually decided on Hailey Elise (which was never used, because we ended up with a Cameron Shane). My husband thought I was crazy too, but he just went with it :)

aleelavine said...

I like the name Hadley a lot. It's super cute!!!! As far as the boy names, I am partial to Bennet, but with another T [my son's name ;)] and I don't care for the nickname Ben either but we always refer to him as Bennett and NEVER Ben or Benny. FOR SURE NOT BENNY!!! good luck!

Janice Burns said...

My oldest son's name is
Trevor (he is 19). Our youngest son's name is Walker (he is 17). He loves his name (unique but not trendy). He is called Walk (of course), Walkman, and W. But he goes by Walker. Trevor loves his name too.
Good luck!

D said...

My faces are Hadley and Sawyer because they sound good with Trevor. :)


Life in the Dub Lane said...

I love Hadley! Harper is my dogs name, but I love it so much!!! I also think the name Sawyer could be used for a girl. I met an adorable little girl named Sawyer the other day. Sawyer Elizabeth; I like! :)

I love Gavin for a boy. I love that both Trevor and Gavin have a "v". You could make that something to go with in all the kids names. That could be fun!

Life in the Dub Lane said...

I guess I should also say that I love the name Bryce too. I married one and he's great! :)

Kristy, Graham and Payton said...

Gavin was on our short list of boys name so I love that one :) Hadley was also on my girls list but I ended up debating between two girls names, Bennet(yes for a girl) and Adelynn. A friend of a friend's name is Bennet and I thought it was so cute and different for a girl.

Tiffany said...

I LOVE rule number 4!! I am big on that too. I try to picture some of these kids as adults in a professional setting with a cutesy silly name and I just feel sorry for them. Great list!

Tonia said...

Mason for a boy, Macy for a girl :)

Rene' said...

Since you're big into nicknames, I really like Camden- Cam is really cute! The names that you listed as being more popular don't seem to be that popular to me. But I'm also not researching baby names right now. ;) I love Harper and Hadley and think both would sound nice with your last name. If you really love a name, don't let how popular or unpopular it is deter you from using it. What matters is that you love it! My son's name is Jack, which is a fairly common name, but I absolutely love that name and can't picture him being anything else! The second one will be sooo much harder. Good luck and congrats!!! I've been following since you were pregnant with Trevor and I am so happy you are expecting #2!

beth ewing said...

well hadley and harper are in my top 5 girl names so of course i'd vote for those. i think hadley sounds better with trevor but harper doesn't sound bad at all. and camden was on our boys list so i'd vote for that.

Kelly said...

My husband's name is Lincoln and his brother is Cole. hahaha I love Hadley.

Amber said...

I meant to comment on this post earlier and got sidetracked. We had the name Kale (or Cael as you have it spelled) on our list for a boy, too. I love the name Cole and would have definitely used it if I didn't have a niece, Nicole (just too close for me). I have never heard of Madden for a first name, but I really like it! And I totally get not wanting to end in "son"...I said the same thing.

For girls, I like Harper but totally agree. You don't hear Bridget very much, so I really like that one!

Anna & Kirby said...

Okay, my thoughts...

I love Hadley and Reese. My husband and I are TTC and we have a big list of girls names! Boys names however, not as many.
I love Madden & Camden though.

We are the same way with syllables and nicknames and the way it flows with out last name. Our last name is King, so a lot of /k/ names sound silly.

Goood luck :)

Kriss said...

Reese was my maiden name so of course I love it! I heard a name on the radio the other day after you posted this post for a boy.... Teagan. Have you also thought of Sterling Thomas Robertson. Maybe Carson or Paxton.

Sarah said...

I love the name Reese for a girl and a boy!! I do like the idea of having a girl named Hadley. However, my only reservation is that I have an aunt and a cousin both named Hadley. Both hate their name, and both have been through a tremendous amount of teasing/name calling because of their name. I think mainly because it is more old fashion, and if is a name that can be easly transformed into other words/names.

H. said...

My two are Ella and Connor-on our list was Evan and Anna or Kaitlyn.
My nephew is Caden which I love also.

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I LOVE Hadley! I remember thinking it was awesome when it was going to be girl-Trevor's name. :) For a boy, I love Sutton and and Sawyer is on our super short list, so I like that one a lot, too!

Staci said...

That's funny that you have rules for do (did) I! When I was pregnant with our first I knew I wanted a short name because he'd have to learn how to spell it in Kindergarten and I didn't want him to have a hard time. Also, I wanted whatever we were going to call him to be his name...meaning I didn't want to shorten anything or call him by his middle name. This was also true for our 3 girls. Anyway, our son is Max. When our first daughter came along I still wanted a short name and we decided on Abby. It is not short for Abigail, her legal name is Abby. Our 2nd daughter had to have 4 letters as well and I fell in love with the name Lucy. When our 4th child (3rd daughter) was on the way I added one more criteria for her name. It had to end with a "Y" because her big sisters names did. While watching the Max and Ruby cartoon one morning with Abby we fell in love with the name Ruby and figured since we had a Max already it would be perfect! So our son has 3 letters (if Ruby had been a boy I was going to try to talk my husband into naming him Sam or Ben...3 letters!) and our girls have 4 letter and end in "y". Good luck with the baby naming. I do still love Hadley for a girl though...I remember when Trevor was Hadley for a brief period of time :)

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