Wednesday, August 17, 2011


HUGE NEWS! Trevor used the potty tonight! We have been sitting him on the turtle seat for months and nothing has ever happened. Tonight, he came up and said poop, Mama. I sat him down and sure enough, he pooped and peed! We rewarded him with a frosted animal cracker(as we were out of M&M's) and put underwear on him for a while afterward. I hope its a step in the right direction. Id really like to only have one child in diapers come February. :)

I think I have decided on what to do for Trevors birthday. I need to make a guest list, call around for pricing and then I will be set.

Tomorrow is my NT scan and I have this fear that nothing will be there. Like the baby just disappeared. Its been 3 weeks since Ive seen the baby and thats far too long. Im hoping we get to hear the heartbeat too, since we havent yet!

After the scan, we are heading to Wisconsin Dells for a little getaway. On the way back on Saturday, Tom is dropping us off at the cottage and Trevor and I will stay until Monday. He is going to love the waterpark, I cant wait!

I have a little bump going on. I have to start taking pictures this weekend so I can watch it grow.

Toms sergeant told him today that she wrote him a letter of recommendation for him being such a great employee. He had no idea she was doing this and I am proud of my hubby for always giving it 110%!

Tom and I needed a show to get into this summer and we are now totally addicted to Lost! We are halfway through season 2 and watch an episode or two every night.

I can believe how quickly fall is approaching us. I have no clue what to dress Trevor as for Halloween. He is going to love the holiday this year!

I have two baby showers coming up early fall. Makes me even more thankful to be pregnant.

All of these pics are from our evening trip downtown Monday. We met Sam and Brian at American Girl and treated Delaney for being the best flowergirl ever. We got big sundaes at Hersheys and had a great night.


Kahla said...

My husband loved Lost and I'll admit that I really liked it too. Did you notice that your ticker is under 200 days now??? I did! ;o) Saying prayers for an awesome NT scan (although I know it will be great). And congrats to Trevor!!! We totally let Chase lead the way with potty training and it was so easy. Hoping Trevor is on his way to big boy undies for you!

Amber said...

Hope everything goes great today!!

Congrats to Tom! And, way to go, Trevor!! I love seeing the expression on their face the first time they go in the potty. :-)

Jason watched Lost on Netflix and really liked it, too. Now, he's into 24. I was the first 4 seasons of Army Wives (loved it!), but they don't have the 5th season out there yet. :-(

A said...

I could give you a whole list of shows to get hooked on during whatever time of the year you'd like :) Trev is going to be such a good big brother! YAYY for him using the potty! PS Ive totally missed your posts in the last couple weeks- SO excited you are back and with a vengeance :)

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I can't believe he used the potty! How awesome! I've got Knox sitting on it without screaming, now, which is a huge step up!

LOST is an awesome show! We got hooked and watched the whole thing on Netflix.

I hope the NT scan today is great! Mine is Monday- nervewracking! You should rent a doppler, they seriously make you feel so much better! I take mine out every couple days and listen to that little heartbeat. Best $40/month I've ever spent! (Non-digitals are only like $25 at

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Oh, and if you haven't watched it, Friday Night Lights is by far, my favorite show of all time.

Mike and Katie said...

Congrats on your pregancy. I try to check in occasionally but some how I missed the big news. I'm so hapy for you!

Meagan said...

You haven't posted in awhile. Is everything ok?